The International Ski Federation (Fis) decided already in November last year to ban high-fluorinated substances from 2020-2021, but has since been forced to back down because reliable test methods are lacking.

The idea is that the disputed fluoride runway will be completely phased out from the 2022-2023 season, and now the Norwegian ski association will be assisted with traction.

Norway has previously had a ban on fluorine vapors in all classes up to 16 years, but is now expanding the ban to apply to all classes in the Norwegian competition calendar.

"It goes without saying that the ban on fluorine, which has proven to be harmful to both health and the environment, should apply to all competitions in Norway," says Erik Røste, chairman of the Norwegian Ski Association to NTB.

CLIP: That's why you should care about fluoride

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Therefore, you should care about fluoride