The father and coach of the Russian mixed martial arts champion Habib Nurmadmadov has died as a result of complications from the emerging Corona virus, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov announced Friday.
"I received sad news, my friends. We left, left a good name and raised a worthy generation!" Wrote Kadyrov, who accompanied the march of the Russian hero on social media before praying for the late.
Abdul Munim Kadyrov, 57, is considered a respected figure in the world of martial sports in the Russian republic of Dagestan. In addition to his son Habib, he contributed to the formation of dozens of fighters globally in wrestling or mixed martial arts.
After he was infected with the virus, Abdel Moneim was transferred to Moscow in mid-May in a critical condition and twice put in an artificial coma, after also suffering from heart problems.
Dagestan, the small republic in the northern Caucasus region, is one of the regions most affected in Russia by the "Covid-19" pandemic, to the point that President Vladimir Putin personally intervened and imposed emergency measures to combat transmission.
Nurmadmadov, 31, who did not lose a light weight in the UFC championship ("the ultimate fighting championship"), took refuge last May at Instagram to urge people to "discipline" and "listen to doctors" during the Corona pandemic.
In a video posted on his account, which is followed by more than 20 million people, "The Eagle" said that the doctors "begged" people to stay in their homes, and he said then: "The situation is very difficult. I personally have more than twenty of my relatives ... They were in intensive care. Many of them left us. Many of my acquaintances died. "
He continued: "We must be more united today than ever before. To show our courage, our character and our discipline ... The hospitals are crowded, there are many patients and deaths."
Russia ranks third in the world with more than 660,000 infections, after the United States and Brazil.

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