Rugby NZ representative Borden Barrett joins Suntory on July 3 at 11:28

Boden Barrett, one of the world's best players who played at the World Cup Japan tournament last year, representing Rugby in New Zealand, will join Suntory in the top league.

This was announced by Suntory on the 3rd.

Borden Barrett has participated in the World Cup for two consecutive games including last year's Japan tournament as a Bucks of the New Zealand national team, nicknamed "All Blacks", and uses skillful passes and kicks as well as quickness as a weapon. He played an active part and was selected twice as the best player in the world.

According to the announcement etc., Barrett is currently participating in a game belonging to a team in New Zealand, but this time he will join Suntory in December, and the top league scheduled for January to May next year Is to play in.

After the Top League, he will return to New Zealand and aim for a match as a national team.

Barrett said, “I look forward to experiencing the Japanese lifestyle and culture as a family. I love spending time in Japan during the World Cup, and that experience will definitely bring me back to Japan. It was an opportunity for me to think," he said.