Good morning and welcome to this live blog on My name is Patrick Moeke and I will keep you informed today about the first training sessions of this Formula 1 season in Austria. Lots of fun!


  • First free practice

3 pm:
  • Second free practice

Formula 1 a few seconds ago

Another 49 minutes - Hamilton (P1) and Verstappen (P7) both improve. The youth admits 1.1 seconds to the six-time world champion.

Formula 1one minute ago

Another 50 minutes - The track gets faster and times shoot down. Verstappen climbs to P8 and admits another 1.3 seconds to Hamilton. Both drivers are on the hard tire.

Formula 13 minutes ago

Another 51 minutes - With his first time on the hard tire, Max Verstappen clocked the seventh time. The Dutchman took it easy, because he admits two seconds to Hamilton.

3 minutes ago

Formula 14 minutes ago

Another 52 minutes - Verstappen drives out on the hard tire. Is the Red Bull driver finally going to put down a while?

Formula 1 6 minutes ago

Another 55 minutes - On the hard tire, Lewis Hamilton tops the times list. With 1.06.994, the Brit is half a second faster than teammate Bottas.

Formula 1 · 8 minutes ago

Another 57 minutes - After one round, Verstappen dives into the pits again. The Red Bull driver, like most other drivers, has not yet recorded time.

Formula 11 minutes ago

Another 59 minutes - Max Verstappen also reports to intermediates on the asphalt.

Formula 1 · 12 minutes ago

For whom it has been forgotten: the DAS system was the most discussed topic during the test days earlier this year in Barcelona. This video shows how it works.


La F1 ya se ha dedicado a poner gráficos y analizar el punto de la polémica de hoy, el DAS de Mercedes. Para el que no lo haya visto claramente ya. # F1

AvatarAvatar Author MrAlexF1 Moment of places 14: 51 - 20 February 2020

12 minutes ago

Formula 114 minutes ago

Another 63 minutes - Mercedes confirms that it is using the much discussed DAS system this weekend. That could immediately cause a first riot, because Red Bull has already announced a protest against the use of that system.

Formula 1 · 16 minutes ago

Another 65 minutes - Vettel sends his Ferrari on intermediates - tires for a semi-wet track - onto the asphalt. Verstappen is still in the pits.

Formula 119 minutes ago

The world champion has finished two rounds, but has not yet set a time.

Formula 1 · 21 minutes ago

Another 70 minutes - It starts to rain again in Spielberg, just as Verstappen wanted to leave the pits.

Formula 1 24 minutes ago

Another 73 minutes - Lando Norris is the first driver to record a time: 1.08.206. Valtteri Bottas dips shortly after the McLaren driver's time with 1.07.578. Both drivers are on the hard tire.

24 minutes ago

Formula 1 · 29 minutes ago

The black Mercedes in action. For the first time since the return of the German factory team in 2010, Mercedes has switched from a silver look.


Look at this beauty

AvatarAvatar Author KyMoment of places11: 10 - 3 July 2020

Formula 1 · 32 minutes ago

81 more minutes - After the drivers have driven installation rounds in the opening minutes, all cars are now in the pits. Times have not yet been recorded.

Formula 1 · 35 minutes ago

Carlos Sainz has forgotten in recent months how fast a Formula 1 car can drive.

💬 "Whooooooo, this is fast !!" @ CarlosSainz55 is looking forward to 😂The first training has started 💪📺 Now live on Ziggo Sport (Channel 14) & Select #AustrianGP # F1 # ZiggoSportF1

AvatarAvatar Author Ziggo Sport F1 Moment of places 11: 05 - 3 July 2020

Formula 1 · 36 minutes ago

We have all been waiting for this a very long time! F1 # F1 is back! 👊🏼 #AustrianGP FP1 is underway!

AvatarAvatar Author Scuderia AlphaTauriMoment of places11: 03 - 3 July 2020

Formula 1 · 37 minutes ago

Another 86 minutes - Max Verstappen is one of the drivers who immediately drive outside for an installation round. The Red Bull Ring is partly wet, but all riders opt for dry weather tires.

37 minutes ago

Formula 1 · 41 minutes ago

Another 90 minutes - 🚥 Green! After 216 days, the drivers can get back to work during a Grand Prix weekend.

Formula 1 · 44 minutes ago

Williams driver Nicholas Latifi will make his Formula 1 debut this weekend. The 25-year-old Canadian finished second behind Nyck de Vries last year in the Formula 2 Championship.

It's time 🙌 #AustrianGP 🇦🇹 | #WeAreWilliams 💙

AvatarAvatar AuthorWILLIAMS RACINGMoment of places10: 55 - July 3, 2020

Formula 1 an hour ago

Lewis Hamilton reports on the track.

Excited to be back! Let's do this 👊🏾

AvatarAvatar Author Lewis Hamilton Time of places 10: 49 - 3 July 2020

Formula 1 an hour ago

Clouds are hanging over the Red Bull Ring and it rained heavily last night. The job is drying up.

Formula 1 an hour ago

Pitstop training at Ferrari, just before the start of the first free practice of the season. At 11 o'clock we finally start.

an hour ago

Formula 1 an hour ago

Max Verstappen is ready to finally start the 2020 Formula 1 season.

Finally, 2020 is on! 🦁 #UnleashTheLion #KeepPushing 🇦🇹 #AustrianGP

AvatarAvatar Author Max Verstappen Time of places 10:27 - 3 July 2020

Formula 1 an hour ago

At Haas they assume that we will start the Formula 1 season with a rain session.

Looks like the wet weather visors will be getting some use this morning 🌧🌧 # HaasF1 #AustrianGP

AvatarAvatar Author Haas F1 Team Moment of places 10: 24 - 3 July 2020

Formula 1 2 hours ago

Although they are not yet Formula 1 cars, but: there is action on the track in Austria!

🚨 CARS ON TRACK 🚨🚨 CARS ON TRACK 🚨🚨 CARS ON TRACK 🚨🚨 CARS ON TRACK 🚨🚨 CARS ON TRACK ract Practice live timing 👉 #AustrianGP 🇦🇹 # F3

AvatarAuthor Formula 3Moment of places09: 37 - July 3, 2020

Formula 1 hour ago

It is still quiet on the Red Bull Ring. Soon, from 11.00, the Formula 1 drivers will finally make their first official kilometers of 2020.

Formula 1 hour ago

What have the Formula 1 drivers done in recent months? You read here!

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