China News Agency, Beijing, July 3rd: The team of high-level expert team leader of the National Health and Health Commission and academician Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, came to the match of the Guangdong team and the Jiangsu team in the CBA rematch Guangdong Dongguan division on the evening of the 3rd. Before the match, Yao Ming, the chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, presented the No. 36 jersey with the names of the two to the Zhong Nanshan couple who were also born in 1936. Zhong Nanshan said that the Beijing epidemic delayed the time for fans to return to the arena, and hoped that during the CBA finals, there would be an audience to watch.

  The CBA official recently released a poster of "Mysterious Guest" for this game-a black background standing against the light. The audience recognized from this silhouette of the back that this "mysterious guest" was academician Zhong Nanshan. After experiencing SARS 17 years ago and this new pneumonia outbreak, the 84-year-old academician Zhong Nanshan has long been known as the "anti-epidemic hero" and "national male god".

  Academician Zhong Nanshan and his wife Li Shaofen were accompanied by Yao Ming to the scene and accepted the No. 36 jersey with their names written before the start of the game.

  Because Li Shaofen was a famous national player of the Chinese women's basketball team in the 50s and 60s of the last century, after retiring, he served as the coach of the Guangdong women's basketball team and the vice chairman of the Chinese basketball association. Yao Ming therefore laughed at Zhong Nanshan as a "son-in-law of basketball". Zhong Nanshan said he has always been concerned about Chinese basketball. Because he is a basketball fan himself, he has been playing with his team colleagues since the 1980s after finding a "wife" for the women's basketball player. Zhong Nanshan's killing of new and old players in Chinese basketball, Wang Shipeng's lore at the 2006 World Championships, Shenzhen's buzzer and so on, proved that his "basketball fan" has a full amount of gold.

  This season's CBA league was interrupted by the epidemic for nearly 5 months, and the rematch began on June 20, becoming the first major national sports event to restart during the epidemic. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, the game adopted an unprecedented tournament system + empty Field way.

  Zhong Nanshan said: "Because of the epidemic, everyone’s demand for spiritual culture is more urgent. I believe that although there is no audience on the scene, there are definitely more people watching the game on TV than on the scene. CBA has a good head and will also provide future Super League For reference, I think you are contributing to the whole country."

  After talking about some classic lore of Chinese players at home and abroad, Zhong Nanshan sincerely said: "I often use your spirit to inspire our work, and thank you for your contribution to the spirit of invigoration. Do not think that everyone just looks at Ball, you are actually conveying a spirit."

  In fact, when the epidemic has not cleared away, the Chinese fans can appreciate the wonderful events of the CBA league, and the Zhong Nanshan team has contributed greatly. While the CBA rematch was still in preparation, Yao Ming once said that the Chinese Basketball Association invited Zhong Nanshan and the team's experts to act as anti-epidemic guidance, and made plans and detailed plans, which became an important guarantee for the safe and smooth conduct of the CBA rematch in the epidemic situation.

  Returning to the scene to watch the ball is one of the biggest wishes of fans. When Yao Ming asked "when will the fans return to the scene again", Zhong Nanshan said that the Beijing epidemic (which will affect the audience's return to the scene) will have an impact. The epidemic in foreign countries is still relatively severe. There will be a process for fans to go to the scene, but He said he looked forward to the audience in the CBA finals. (Finish)