Tottenham's Son Heung-min scored the ninth in the league.

However, Tottenham were defeated 3-1 on the Sheffield expedition.

Son Heung-min, who started as a left-hander, helped with a flashing move in the 45th minute.

Exquisitely penetrating through the offside trap, he led Harry Kane's goal with a one-touch pass to assist in two straight games.

Son Heung-min, who is scoring nine goals in the league, scored nine assists, leaving one for the first two digit goals and help.

However, the team was helpless.

From the beginning, the defensive team suddenly shook, and it seemed to make a tie immediately after scoring the first goal in the first half of the 31st minute, but before Harry Kane shook the goal, Moura fell, and it turned out that the ball touched Moura's hand. It became invalid.

Tottenham subsequently launched a general offensive, but rather the back space of the defence broke through and collapsed.

He scored two more goals in the second half and was defeated 3-1.

Heung-Min Son made a sharp shot several times with corner kicks and free kicks, but struggled with opposing pressure and never even had a shot.

I faced a harsh situation due to the opponent's harsh foul, such as falling face to face on the ground.

It still got the second highest rating on the team, 6.76.

Tottenham remained in the eighth place after a painful first defeat in three games after the league reopened, and the chances of advancing to the Champions League have become slimmer, with nine points behind in the fourth place after six games.