Zhongxin client July 2nd Shanghai Weiqi Association issued an obituary on the evening of the 2nd, saying that at 1 pm on July 2, 2020, the famous Go professional chess player Fan Yunruo unfortunately fell from his home and was killed. Depression.

Image source: Shanghai Weiqi Association

  According to the data, Fan Yunruo was born in January 1996, and was scheduled for 2009, and was promoted to eight in 2019. He entered the Shanghai Weiqi team in 2009 and became the main force of the Shanghai Weijia team in 2012. He is currently training in the national Weiqi team.

  Fan Yunruo won the runner-up in the 20th Jianqiao Cup Go newcomer Wang Sai in 2013. The 2016 Samsung Cup World Go Open semifinals. In 2017, the 18th Nongshim Cup World Go Team Championship defeated South Korean leader Park Ting-hwan, winning the sixth Nongshim Cup championship for China. The runner-up of the 33rd China Go Tianyuan Tournament in 2019. In 2019, he represented Shanghai and won the mixed double gold medal of the 4th National Intellectual Games.

  The Shanghai Chess Academy and the Shanghai Weiqi Association expressed their deep condolences for Fan Yunruo's unfortunate death. (Finish)