What does Christophe Bouchet, former president of OM, think of the club's takeover project, set up with Saudi funds and represented by Mourad Boudjellal? europe 1 asked him the question on Thursday morning. 

Olympique de Marseille, he knows. He was its president between 2002 and 2004. Christophe Bouchet therefore has a keen eye on the turbulent period that OM is currently going through, between rowdy announcements of redemptions and annoyed denials from the current owner. Thursday morning, the one who is currently mayor of Tours came to Europe 1 to say what he thought of the method used by Mourad Boudjellal, very offensive in the media.

"She is not good. At the very least, it is not courteous. It is a bit rude. I do not think we are doing this. OM has already experienced painful episodes in this area. We remember the Kachkar affair: he had come to Marseilles, had toured the stadium, entered the locker room ... and finally did not buy OM ", he judges, before speaking on another initiative by Mourad Boudjellal, who met OM supporters during the week. A good idea ? "It is playing with matches! It is very dangerous. I am not sure that the supporters get trapped."

If he judges that the method "is not good", Christophe Bouchet recognizes one thing: "If a very good offer passes, it will be very difficult for McCourt to refuse it given the amounts invested. I have the intuition that "He would accept a nice offer. At first, he wanted to make money with football, I think he understood that it is almost impossible".