- If she wants to come to Piteå, she is obviously welcome. But it is Madelen Janogy who is going to make the decisions about what feels best to her now, no one else. If she wants to come to Piteå, I and the rest of Piteå will be overjoyed. But she should not be exposed to any questions, press or anything like that. Without her, she probably knows what is best for her, says Rikard Fahlman, chairman of Piteå IF's women's soccer association.

No recruitment attempt

Piteå, Swedish champion team 2018 with Janogy in the team, has long been tamped with strained finances. But Fahlman believes that the acquisition of Janogy could be possible financially.

- If she wants it, we will solve it in one way or another. But this is to come from her, I do not want to start speculating on what is happening. Let's see if that happens first.

The parties have been in contact lately. But there have been no talks about a return.

- It should come from "Madde"; I don't want to talk about any recruitment attempt because it's not about that. If "Madde" wants to come here and take the initiative, we will do everything in our power to solve it, says Fahlman.

Sleeping problems

Madelen Janogy, who made great success with Sweden at the World Cup in France last summer, has since late May taken a break from football because of mental ill-health and severe sleep problems.

On Wednesday, it became clear that she was breaking the contract with the Bundesliga champion Wolfsburg and moving home to Sweden, only after six months in Germany and without playing any match.

"The sleep problems started a few years ago, roughly in connection with my joining the national team for the first time, and then it has only gotten worse," Madelen Janogy said in an interview with Expressen just over a month ago.