When the German league resumed after the break, Madelen Janogy was not included in the team. That after she agreed with the club to stay at home in Sweden due to sleep problems.

- I did not feel bad about the workouts themselves, or when we were out and doing or finding something with the teammates. But in the evenings, it was a nightmare. I slept poorly already when I came to Wolfsburg but then it just got worse and worse. But I didn't tell anyone, she told Expressen.

Leaves Wolfsburg

Now it is also clear that she is breaking the contract with Wolfsburg which expired on June 30, 2021.

- I am very sorry to leave Wolfsburg at this stage, but this is the right thing for me personally. I am very happy with the support I received from the club. How Wolfsburg handled my situation shows what a professional club they are. I wish the club good luck in the future and thank all the players and people around the club for a great time. I am sure our roads will cross again in the future, somewhere in some way, says Madelen Janogy in a press release.

Success in the national team

As late as December 2019, Madelen Janogy became ready for Wolfsburg when she joined from Piteå as she took the SM gold with 2018. Last summer she also broke through internationally when she was in and took a World Cup bronze. In the premiere against Chile, she punctured the match as she scored the 2-0 goal.