The tennis world, which has not yet returned to normal after the coronavirus pandemic, continues to be shaken by numerous scandals. This time, the focus was on six-time Grand Slam winner Boris Becker and Australian Nick Kirios.

The conflict was triggered by the actions of the former third racket of the world, Alexander Zverev, who went to the party after promising to observe two-week self-isolation. Kirios sharply criticized his colleague, calling him an egoist.

Becker decided to stand up for his compatriot and remind the Australian about corporate ethics.

“I do not like rats! He who condemns his fellow tennis players is not my friend! Nick, look at yourself in the mirror and keep on thinking that you are better than us ... There is a tacit agreement between the athletes! Everything that happens on the court remains there, ”Becker wrote on Twitter.

First, Kirios tried to explain his position, saying that he would criticize everyone who behaves as irresponsibly as Zverev. However, then the Australian patience snapped.

“Do you call me a rat? For the desire to call a person to account? Strange logic, champion. I'm just worried about people. When my family and other families around the world respected the rules, and this goose waved his hands at a party, I will not be silent. Becker is an even bigger idiot than I thought. Of course, he knows how to beat from the summer, but he does not shine with his mind, ”retorted Kirios.

In response, the German in a sarcastic manner expressed the hope that the tennis player would win the Grand Slam tournament and become a real role model for young people. The Australian again appealed to the behavior of Zverev, who, in his opinion, needed to “gather courage and explain himself, and not to apologize on duty”.

Despite the ambiguous reputation of Kiryos, this time many fans sided with him. Some of them suggested that Becker had nothing to do, while others recalled that in this situation we are not talking about corporate ethics, but about the lives of people who are at risk due to the athlete’s irresponsibility.

One of those who shared the German position was Dirk Hordorf, trainer and vice president of the German Tennis Federation.

“I completely agree with the head of men's tennis Boris Becker regarding the situation with Zverev. And I also do not like rats. Kiryos should follow himself before commenting on Zverev’s behavior, ”said Khordorf.

The atmosphere in the tennis world was heating up after several coronaviruses were discovered in several participants of the series of exhibition tournaments of the Adria Tour. Some condemned Novak Djokovic - one of the organizers - and even called on the Serb to leave the post of head of the board of ATP players, while others tried to justify him. The first group also included Kiryos, who earlier called the egoists of the organizers of the US Open, who decided to hold competitions.

He ridiculed the words of the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, who took the blame on herself and urged not to condemn Djokovic, "who tried to do something good for the region."

“Standing naked in the club waist-high I won’t know what good is for the region,” the Australian wrote.

Zverev was not among the diseased, however, upon returning home, he announced that he would quarantine and undergo regular testing. But a week later, on Instagram by designer Philippe Plain, a video of a crowded party appeared on which you can see the German and his girlfriend. Interestingly, this particular fragment was soon removed.

Sascha Zverev six days ago after Adria Tour coronavirus cluster:

“I deeply apologize to anyone that I have put at risk ... I will proceed to follow self-isolating guidelines ... stay safe 🙏.”

Sascha Zverev four hours ago:

- Ben Rothenberg (@BenRothenberg) June 28, 2020

Then it turned out that the event was attended by another tennis player, the Frenchman Luke Pui. None of the tennis players have yet commented on what happened. The situation was tried to fix the star of the Swiss television Patrick Haziri.

“It was a private party - the birthday of our mutual friend. Before it, we measured the temperature, and whoever got there was not allowed. The organizer had all our data, including phone numbers, ”quoted Khaziri with reference to

It is worth noting that not everyone in Germany supports a compatriot who has broken his promise. Barbara Rittner, winner of the 1992 Federation Cup, admitted that she was shocked when she saw the video.

“It seems that Sasha does not understand that they are equal to him, that he should be responsible and set a good example. I think this act will negatively affect the image of tennis and our entire country. I was shocked when I saw this, ”Rittner commented on the incident.