Image source: Foreign media screenshot

  China News Service, June 30, Beijing time, 30th, according to foreign media reports, the Premier League officially announced the 11th round of the league's new crown test results. Among them, 2250 people were tested, and 1 case was positive.

  A statement from the Premier League official stated: "The Premier League official can confirm that between June 22 (Sunday)-June 28 (Sunday), a total of 2,250 players and club staff received the new crown test. One of them was tested positive."

  "A player or club staff with a positive test result will be self-quarantined for 7 days. The Premier League provides this summary information to ensure the integrity and transparency of the league. The league does not provide specific information about specific clubs or personnel. The test results will be announced after each round of testing."

  Since the Premier League began to conduct large-scale testing of all players and staff in May, a total of 19 cases were positive among the 14307 people, with a positive rate of 0.13%. After the first round of testing, the positive rate was 0.8%, and the positive rate showed A downward trend.

  However, in the current test results, only the sixth round of testing is positive for the total number of 0, which also makes players and club staff understand that they can not relax their vigilance against the new crown. (Finish)