Until not long ago, Diego Costa (Lagarto, 1988) still had fear in his body. And not because of the threat of the coronavirus, which he unwittingly mocked in the halls of Anfield, pretending to cough. During the days of confinement, thanks to the swimming pool and gym of his luxurious residence, his dedication to taking care of food and the plan of Professor Ortega, of course, he sculpted his figure as he had not been remembered for years. His fear had to do with his pocket, after that night at the Camp Nou where a cable was stripped and ended with an exile of eight games, after the fatal roar to Gil Manzano: "I shit on your fucking mother!".

That led to a file with financial sanction by Atlético, which increased the temperature of the front volcano a little more. To such an extent that, after knowing the decision, he refused to jump onto the Majadahonda lawn to train. Someone at the club let him know that his punishment could be around a million euros and he was scared. A year and a half later, the entity will forgive practically the entire fine, although it has not yet been officially notified. One less economic solution, after the official agreement with the Treasury, at the beginning of June, to pay 600,000 euros for a tax offense. At the time, Costa demanded that Atlético pay the fine. Finally, as a gesture, the club advanced a large part of his salary to pay it. In monetary matters, he has always listened to the advice of his former partner Tiago , with whom he has a great relationship.

Just within a year, Diego Costa's contract will come to an end. He signed it in the twilight of the summer of 2017, after weeks of rebellion and tantrums against Chelsea from Brazil, with an annual salary of 10 million net . A significant figure at the time, however, was ridiculed for Atlético's superhuman effort to retain Antoine Griezmann . Those more than 20 million (he did not stop asking until he knew the exact figure that the French charged) made him so angry and obsessed that he even demanded an increase in the fall of 2018. The response from the offices: "More concern causes their performance."

Nine months of injuries

His time in Madrid is exhausted, after a second part at Atlético that has never been close to being idyllic and on the way to 32 years (he turns them in October). The numbers since his official return in January 2018: 16 goals, 13 injuries, two operations, and 272 days -50 games- of absence. Nine months out of those three and a half years he promised with his signature on his contract, set aside for injuries. Scarce goals for one of the great salaries of the squad with Jan Oblak , second captain and renewed a year ago, and Álvaro Morata , whose purchase option must be executed by the club this June 30. Hence, no one from the rojiblanca entity has approached him to offer him the renewal. Something that didn't sit well with him either. If a good offer arrives, they suggest from your environment, it will advance your departure. Probably to some exotic destination.

However, Diego is one of the best news for his team in this Covid League. A few days ago he posed resplendent in the Metropolitano with his 200-game plate as rojiblanco (he will be 203 at the Camp Nou). And it can be said that he has scored two and a half goals (without his presence in the Levante area, Llorente's pass would have come to naught), and he is the pichichi of his team in this hurried closing. With the memory of her celebration in San Mamés, showing the world the shirt of Virginia Torrecilla, who is recovering from a brain tumor operation. Now she runs, squeezes and, although she sometimes lacks marksmanship, she has had opportunities again. Like his companions, he lacked accuracy. But, in the fall, they didn't even show up.

Today he returns to the Camp Nou, convinced to amend part of the mess it caused a year ago. There, in addition, he had to dry his tears in 2014, before celebrating the League title with Atlético. There he said goodbye to the final of the Lisbon Champions League. Typically, this is your last visit.

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