Corona Eruption Season Opening Challenges and Harvests? Domestic Women's Golf June 30 13:31

The first match of this season's domestic tour of women's golf, which was delayed by more than 3 months due to the influence of the new coronavirus, did not leave any players or officials who confirmed positive or complained of physical condition on the 29th, all schedules Finished The players who participated heard gratitude for the event, but I also saw some challenges.

If the athlete is to be retested...

Up to now, 16 tournaments have been canceled for domestic women's tours, and all tournaments have been canceled in July, but the company that sponsors this tour thinks that "a place where players can play should be secured" So I decided to hold it without any audience.

As a measure against the new coronavirus, we reduced the number of people involved in the tournament to less than half of the usual amount, and required all athletes and related people entering the venue to take a temperature measurement from two weeks before and conducted a PCR test on all of them.

However, because it is difficult for players and caddies to gather in one place in advance, we will be inspected at the venue two days before the first day of the tournament, and the results came out the night before the first day. Most of them were negative, but there were four who could not be judged and retesting was required the next day, so I was unable to get involved on the first day of the event.

The organizer did not anticipate a re-examination, and if there were athletes, they would not be able to participate in the tournament even though they were not positive.

Hiromi Kobayashi, chairman of the Japan Women's Professional Golf Association, said, "We must consider the future including the schedule for conducting the inspection."

Presence of audience

During the tournament, even among the players who played, behavior that was conscious of reducing the risk of infection was seen. After taking a birdie, I put my elbows together rather than the palm of my caddy, and expressed joy in poses that did not touch each other's bodies.

However, it was undeniable that the audience was lacking in excitement because there was no cheering or applause without an audience.

Hibuko Shibuno, who had fallen in the qualifying, said, “I get the feeling of being encouraged. I once again felt the presence of the fans.”

Winning battle of talented people and premonition of young rise

In this tournament, which was held with various restrictions, two talented players, last year's prize queen, Ai Suzuki and Ayaka Watanabe who won three tours, lined up at the top, and Watanabe won the playoff for five years. The curtain has come to an end with the first comeback victory.

Although I did not reach the championship, by the end of the third day, three players, 21-year-old Mizuki Tanaka and 20-year-old Ayaka Furue, and 18-year-old Mao Saigo in their professional debut match The final day of the tournament dominated the final day, followed by Shibuno's "Golden Generations" and other tournaments last year.

First live live broadcast

In addition, during the tournament, a new initiative is being carried out every day from the start of the first group to the hole-out of the final group live on the Internet. It exceeded 6.77 million times as of the time.

Tatsuya Otsuka, the chairman of the pharmaceutical company that hosted the tournament, responded, "I received more feedback than I expected, and praise. I think I could have presented a new perspective on golf. I would like to continue doing it next year." I chose

Next is early in mid August

Golf is also attracting attention for the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed next year, but the next tournament for girls is at least a month and a half later in mid-August.
The Japan Women's Professional Golf Association is required to make use of the harvests and challenges obtained this time, and to manage future competitions safely and with excitement together with their respective organizers.