Former Major Leaguer Kang Jeong-ho eventually gave up on returning to the KBO League.

Jung-Ho Kang yesterday (29) on their SNS , "said a return application to withdraw a doctor Heroes nine at the end of a long worry," said , "asking for forgiveness clerk yen before the fans I felt once again the fact that committed a very big mistake," he said and . He added, "My desire to show the changed figure and my desire to play baseball in Heroes was also my great desire."

Kang Jeong-ho, who was a major leaguer, provoked controversy in December 2016 in Samsung-dong, Gangnam, Seoul, by drinking and driving. The police investigation revealed that the previous two drunk driving cases were caught and the criticism was even worse. The price of drunk driving was great. The U.S. employment visa did not come out, so I ended up flying in 2017-2018, and returned to the big league last year, but was released after sluggishness.

Kang Jung-ho, who wanted to continue playing baseball, pushed for the return of KBO League. After giving up my intention to return to KBO through a legal representative last month, I was disciplined by KBO's punishment committee for one year of suspension due to drunk driving. Then he contacted Kiwoom FC and told him to return.

Ready to return, Kang Jeong-ho bowed his head in four years, saying he would take all the criticism and discipline on the 23rd. He also announced his plan to donate salaries for the drunk driver's victims in the first year of return and donate talents to develop youth baseball until he retires.

Was it too late? The aftermath of the storm was even stronger. As criticism continued in the cold public opinion, Kang Jung-ho began to struggle to give up his return to Korea on the 25th. Kim Chi-hyun, director of Kiwoom, said, “On the 25th, Kang Jung-ho asked for time to think. Kang Jung-ho, who talked with his family over the weekend, said on the 27th that it would be difficult to return to Kiwoom. "I'm sorry that the club and the players are burdened and difficult because of my personality," said Kim Chi-hyun, manager.

In December 2016, reporters covered Kang Jeong-ho, who attended the Gangnam Police Station. Hearing his words of "reflecting a lot," he expected to apologize soon. However, Kang Jeong-ho disappeared. Nothing apologized after four years. There was no choice for Kang Jeong-ho because of'too late apology'.

The following is Kang Jung-ho's SNS specialty.

Hello? This is Kang Jeong-ho.

After a press conference, I was really worried and wrote this article. After a long distress, I contacted Heroes a while ago and told him that I would like to withdraw my request for return. I felt once again that I made a very big mistake to ask the fans for forgiveness and stand in front of them.

My desire to show the changed figure and my desire to play baseball in Heroes were both my great desires. I realized too late that my greed was a burden for baseball fans, KBO leagues, heroes clubs, and fellow baseball players. We sincerely apologize to all those involved in the recovery process.

I've been away from the team for a long time, but Heroes has always been home to me. Again, I wanted to play baseball with my colleagues at Heroes and try to be a good person. But now I realize that my thoughts have put the Heroes team and players in trouble. Again, I'm very sorry to all the heroes fans, club officials and players.

I have yet to decide which way to go. I will always try to look around, take care of my family, and be a better person no matter what path I take. Also, through volunteering and social contribution activities, we will become a person who can be a little more conducive to society.
Sorry again and thank you


(Photo = Yonhap News)