After Monday's loss match against Burnley, Crystal Palace coach Roy Hodgson commented on the situation.

- I heard the news that there could be problems in Leicester. But I'm perfectly happy to let the Premier League take care of it, and they will tell us where and when the match will be played, he told the club's website.

Hodgson wasn't worried about Saturday's game.

- I'm sure if we can't play in Leicester then they will find an alternative venue. We are happy to go up and play against Leicester City wherever the league thinks we should play.

Leicester City manager Brandan Rodgers explained even before the lockdown that the club was prepared for any eventualities.

- We are flexible. Nothing has changed against how we have worked so far. We have a safe environment to play matches in and we continue to work as we have done until we are told to do otherwise.

CLIP: Here is the situation for the Premier League reboot (June 17, 2020)

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