Hedvig Lindahl had not played a match since the Algarve Cup in Portugal on March 10 when, after the corona break, she returned to Volkswagen Arena to play her final matches with the club. It became a big crusher against Eintracht Frankfurt with an intact zero. This means that the star goalkeeper still has not scored a single goal during his twelve matches at the club. In addition, the result meant that the club went loss-free for the season in the league.

- I think it's some kind of record. He said something in German, says Hedvig Lindahl, to SVT Sport.

The star says she stopped keeping track of records lately.

- I do not keep track of just everything, but try to keep track of what has to do with me directly.

Something that has to do with Hedvig Lindahl directly is her move from the club. Speculation has been hot as to where the star is headed. Something Hedvig Lindahl can't reveal yet. But the latest rumors that she is on her way to Real Madrid are flattering the star.

- The fact that I am mentioned in connection with the club is just fun. That it is whispered at all about women's football now I think it is fun.

Hedvig Lindahl plays his last match for VFL Wolfsburg on Saturday when the league winners chase the scudetto in the German cup final against Bayer Leverkusen.

CLIP: Hedvig Lindahl on the corona crisis (June 29, 2020):

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Hedvig Lindahl. Photo: Photo Agency