In particular, it was two games that offsides were discussed. Elfsborg-Örebro (1-1) and Sirius-IFK Gothenburg (2-2).

- It is not offside when Elfsborg is deprived of a management goal, Nannskog says that Morocy Ndione's nick in goal was blown off for offside.

He is supported by former Fifa judge Jonas Eriksson.

- It is difficult to judge when the situation is happening, but I am convinced that the assistant judge is not happy with his decision when he looks at the pictures, says Eriksson.

Alexander Farnerud scored 2-2 for his IFK Gothenburg against Sirius after a header that many saw as a very clear offside goal.

- Fanerud gets to sign for IFK Gothenburg despite being offside, says Nannskog.

Clip: The judge expert: "Don't be so clear"

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Judge expert: "Not so clear situations" Photo: SVT

"The offside should be assessed from the front of the ball"

In the Football Studio you have aligned the people involved and then the offside is not as clear. Aids in the form of frozen images were required to be completely safe.

- The offside should be assessed from the front of the ball and then it is definitely not a clear offside. Sure it would have been offside, but it's not such an easy decision as many thought when you first saw it, ”says Eriksson.

The football studio's chronicler Therese Strömberg does not want to see VAR even if the justice were to be improved.

- VAR will come to the all-swinger even though I don't want to see it anywhere as it destroys the match rhythm. It becomes more accurate even though everything cannot be completely correct, there are always situations that you would think about why you were not looking at, says Strömberg.

However, Nannskog has decided.

- We have tools that can fix it, we will use it even if I do not want the long breaks. The cost may also be included, he says.