The NHL has been playing games for almost four months due to the corona pandemic. For some time now, the clubs have started to reassemble their players and start training in different stages.

The restart is then three weeks back in the second phase. The clubs have been opened up their training facilities and the players have been allowed to train in smaller groups of up to six people.

All players who tested positive have been self-insulated

Prior to the second phase, eleven players had tested positive for covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. On Monday, the NHL announced that 15 additional players have tested positive, without mentioning the players' club affiliation. Thus, the total number of NHL players tested positive for covid-19 is 26.

"All players who tested positive have been self-insulated and follow the recommendations of the CDC and Health Canada (US and Canadian health authorities)," the NHL writes in a statement.

Later this summer, the North American Ice Hockey League aims to conduct a shortened Stanley Cup playoffs. Located in two yet to be announced cities in North America ..