Damall Swedish seasons : 27 *.

SM Gold : 2 (2003, 2004).

Location 2019 : 10.

Coach : Pierre Fondin (since 2019).

Exclamation point : Many are probably excited about what the new, New Zealand national striker Hannah Wilkinson can deliver going forward. The 28-year-old, who has been listed for 98 international matches for the island nation in the Pacific, has previously represented Vittsjö in the damall Swan (2017–2019).

Question mark : How will the Stockholm team manage without its team captain and goalie Mia Jalkerud? The 30-year-old striker was the team's best scorer last season (eleven goals and a shared third place in the shooting league) but has taken an indefinite long break from football for family reasons.

Comment : Djurgården was one of Damallsvenskan's biggest disappointments last year. The Stockholm team risked a long time to go out of the high streak, but finished ten, just above the relegation line, with the same score but with better goal difference than Limhamn / Bunkeflo which was degraded. Big responsibility lies on World Cup bronze striker Olivia Schough, new team captain in Jalkerud's absence.

Eskilstuna United

Damall Swedish seasons : 6.

SM gold : 0.

Location 2019 : 4.

Coach : Magnus Karlsson (since 2018).

Exclamation mark : Felicia Rogic has grown into a key striker in Eskilstuna since the transition from Piteå 2017. Six goals in 2018 and nine goals in last year's damall Swedish. The 26-year-old striker, who scored a goal when Uppsala was down 3-1 in the genre, is perhaps the team's most important offensive player this year.

Question mark : Matilda Plan has in recent years been intermingling elite games in football with elite games in bandy. But for the past six months, the center-back has invested wholeheartedly on football. In March, the 21-year-old got the best possible bandy finish with an SM gold with Västerås SK at the Students IP in Uppsala. It remains to be seen how far the football bet in Eskilstuna will carry - and whether Plan can play in the away premiere against Örebro. She got injured in the 0-1 loss at home against Linköping in a training match a week and a half ago.

Comment : Eskilstuna has not finished worse than six in the damall Swede in the last five years. But in addition to the 2015 season (second place), the Swarmlands have been outside the gold medal battle. Last year it became a fourth place, eleven points behind the champion team Rosengård. The question is whether the stable team on the top half of the table can take the next step towards the top?


Damall Swedish seasons : 24.

SM gold : 0.

Location 2019 : 2.

Coach : Mats Gren (since 2019).

Exclamation mark : Coach Marcus Lantz was close to guiding Gothenburg to the club's first championship gold, but series-winning Rosengård finished four points ahead of last year's damall Swedish table. Lantz, now in the men's Swedish Mjällby, has been replaced before this season by Mats Gren, former sports manager of IFK Gothenburg men's team and coach in Jönköping's Southern. Many people are probably interested in seeing how Gren, who was severely criticized during the "Blåvitt" during the course of both acquisitions and statements, leads one of Sweden's largest women's clubs.

Question mark : National team midfielder Elin Rubensson is the player that Gothenburg has built his entire team, and brand, around the last few years. But the 27-year-old misses this season when she is pregnant and the question Football Sweden poses is how it will affect a gold-chasing Gothenburg. Hungarian national team player Anna Csiki has been recruited as one of Rubensson's replacement.

Comment : Despite the absence of Rubensson, Gothenburg, together with above all Rosengård, may be considered one of the gold favorites. In the attack there is fierce competition between Pauline Hammarlund (ten goals in 15 matches last year), Rebecka Blomqvist (13 goals in 22 matches) and the new acquisition Stina Blackstenius (nine goals in 22 matches).


Damall Swedish seasons : 27 *.

SM gold : 0.

Location 2019 : 7.

Coach : Elísabet Gunnarsdóttir (since 2009).

Exclamation mark : Midfielder Eveliina Summanen and striker Jutta Rantala are two really strong new acquisitions, but Elise Kellond-Knight is the big star acquisition. With over 100 international matches and three World Cup appearances for Australia, the 29-year-old can lift Kristianstad to higher heights.

Question mark : Has lost Rita Chikwelu and the key player Sif Atladottir is pregnant and misses the season. Long-time coach Elísabet Gunnarsdóttir has suffered from a serious form of infectious shingles and cannot currently lead the team. The question is how much does it affect Kristianstad in the series start? In addition, a cross-band injury has ruined the season for second goalkeeper Moa Olsson, which forced Kristianstad to call 16-year-old Nea Andersson as a backup to Brett Maron.

Comment : Last year, Kristianstad lost the overall form in the fall, but if the ski boots can hold it together for a whole season, they can challenge for a top five position.


Damall Swedish seasons : 19.

SM Gold : 3 (2009, 2016, 2017).

Location 2019 : 5.

Coach : Olof Unogård (since 2018).

Exclamation point : But meant in a negative way was probably Linköping last year. The Östgötskarna was one of the SM gold-favored teams with national team profiles such as Kosovare Asllani, Stina Blackstenius, Mimmi Larsson and Lina Hurtig in the team. In addition, it was already clear before last season that Wolfsburg star Nilla Fischer would return home after the World Cup in France. But in the past year, after the championship, not much has gone the way of Linköping. Among other things, Asllani moved immediately after the World Cup to CD Tacón in Spain and Fischer and Hurtig have been injured. Linköping finished fifth in the series, 13 points behind the champion team Rosengård.

Question marks : The national team stars and the World Cup bronze medalists Stina Blackstenius and Mimmi Larsson were the team's best goalkeepers in the damall swans last year and together accounted for 18 (nine each) of the team's 37 goals ahead. But this season Blackstenius can be found in Gothenburg and Larsson in Rosengård, so who should fill the goal slots? And how many games can injury-prone Nilla Fischer and Lina Hurtig play?

Comment : Since the two straight SM golds in 2016 and 2017, Linköping has fumbled for the master form. Despite several star acquisitions, it was ranked fifth in both 2018 and 2019. This year's squad is less profile-tight than in recent seasons.


Damall Swedish seasons : 10.

SM Gold : 1 (2018).

Location 2019 : 6.

Coach : Stellan Carlsson (since 2012).

Exclamation mark : Exciting addition to 20-year-old outsider Astrid Larsson, who has impressed in the preseason, defense duo Cailin Michie and Sejde Abrahamsson and 19-year-old midfielder Olivia Wänglund. Delivering the new acquisitions, Piteå, Swedish champion 2018, can be a positive surprise.

Question mark : Gold goalkeeper Cajsa Andersson, faithful June Pedersen, national team player Madelen Janogy and right-back Ronja Aronsson are just a few of the players who left last year. Can the transition be too big?

Comment : Piteå has built new and young. With a stronger game from behind, Stellan Carlsson's team will look slightly different in 2020. Last year's sixth place was a miscalculation, and above all, all the unbeaten matches (a total of ten crosses) destroyed for the Northern Bots despite only four losses in 22 matches. The question remains who will produce the future. With Madelen Janogy gone, eight goals last year, someone else must step forward. Maybe the answer could be the local product Cajsa Hedlund, 20, who was picked up from Infjärdens SK. She accounted for 26 goals in 22 games in the North last season.


Damall Swedish seasons : 39 *.

SM Gold : 11 (1986, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2019).

Location 2019 : Won SM gold.

Coach : Jonas Eidevall (since 2018).

Exclamation mark : Last year, midfielder Hanna Bennison became the big exclamation mark and after the secured SM gold, she had to make the A-national team debut. Now the 17-year-old is one of the series' big stars. Is Danish Sofie Svava next in line? The exterior joined Rosengård during the summer of last year and the 19-year-old quickly took a regular place. Then there were three goals in 15 all-Swedish matches and she will be interesting to follow for a whole season.

Question mark : The backline is strong with many stars, but is possibly somewhat thin given the tough game schedule. On the other hand, it recently became clear that Katrine Veje is returning to the club (most recently in Arsenal). Veje, with over 100 international matches for Denmark, is seen as an outside midfielder, but the 29-year-old can also play in the middle lock or as a wingback.

Comment : Rosengård has lost players, but has also had to retain national team captain Caroline Seger and Danish national team player Sanne Troelsgaard. In addition to Veje, striker Mimmi Larsson stands out on the recruiting front. The 26-year-old Warmlander stayed only one year in Linköping (nine goals) and together with national teammate Anna Anvegård Rosengård will have a purposeful attack pair. Anvegård came to Malmöklubben last summer and accounted for nine goals in nine matches - before that she won with five meetings in Växjö and won the shooting league. With national team players in virtually all positions, Rosengård is always a gold favorite.


Damall Swedish seasons : 20.

SM Gold : 7 (2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008).

Location 2019 : Won the elite.

Coach : Robert Bergström (since 2017).

Exclamation mark : The most profiled reinforcement is former national team player and Olympic silver hero Lisa Dahlkvist. The 33-year-old, who has been injured in recent years, will mean a lot to the newcomer with his routine.

Question mark : Does Dahlkvist agree? Can Fanny Hjelm-Rönnlund take another step compared to last year? Who will make the goals? There are some question marks about the newcomer. 21-year-old Sarah Mellouk, who will be important in the midfield, must also remain injury-free.

Comment : The former big team Umeå IK is back in damallsvenskan after tripping out of 2016. With coach Robert Bergström the team wants to control the matches and recapture the ball quickly. Last year's defense also impressed, with only 17 admitted. But the big question, of course, is whether the compressed game schedule will break the newcomer, who has a thin squad. The start of the series will be important.


Damall Swedish seasons : 0.

SM gold : 0.

Location 2019 : 2nd in the elite.

Coach : Jonas Valfridsson (since 2018).

Exclamation mark : Cassandra Korhonen finished third in the elite shooting last season with 25 goals in 26 games. The 22-year-old striker, who is a member of Sweden's U23 national team, is expected to be a spearhead in the ladies' swan.

Question mark : The main question is given: How does the newcomer Uppsala stand in the highest series? This year the club is making its very first season in damallsvenskan after rattling finished second in the second division last year. In their damall Swedish rally this weekend there was a 1-3 loss at home against Eskilstuna United.

Comment : In the 1-3 loss to Eskilstuna recently Uppsala made no further effort. According to the club's website, the team played stressed and made many own mistakes. An ominous form message for Saturday's home premiere against Djurgården. “We have to be more careful in the game. It is a lot about understanding the game, putting the balls in the right areas and the right players, ”team captain Agnes Nyberg told Uppsala's website.


Damall Swedish seasons : 8.

SM gold : 0.

Location 2019 : 3.

Coach : Thomas Mårtensson (since 2011) and Stefan Ekstrand (2019).

Exclamation mark : Vittsjö has had to retain the dangerous duo Clara Markstedt and Michelle de Jongh (nine goals each last year) and replenished with, for example, Ebba Wieder. The midfielder is a driving force in the U23 national team and the 21-year-old has made many matches for Rosengård, but in the end had a difficult time picking a continuous starting position on the star-tight center field of the Malmö club. Now Wieder can take on a more prominent role in Vittsjö.

Question mark : An already thin squad has become thinner ahead of Saturday's premiere against the reigning champion club Rosengård. In the days, the news came that midfield star Tove Almqvist's season is over due to a cross band injury. The new acquisition Mie Leth Jans (Rosengård) is an insecure card for the premiere (foot injury) and since then Vittsjö center back Alexandra Benediktsson has long-term injury. In addition, national team defender Sandra Adolfsson has just returned from injury. "Can't Mie play, we have 13 outside players (in the premiere)," coach Tomas Mårtensson told Northern Skåne.

Comment : Lilla Vittsjö, which has just over 1,800 inhabitants, was last year's big surprise when the team finished third in the damall Swan. Can the success be repeated? In order for this to happen, the team must very likely get their backline organized. Last year, Vittsjö had the strongest defense in the series with only 13 goals scored, but now worries about injuries.


Damall Swedish seasons : 2.

SM gold : 0.

Location 2019 : 9.

Coach : Maria Nilsson and Magnus Olsson (since 2019).

Exclamation point : Växjö's coaching duo Maria Nilsson and Magnus Olsson took office in June last year since the predecessor Henrik Larsson resigned. Nilsson and Olsson now have their own mark on Växjö from the start of the series.

Question mark : Who should make the goals? Sure, the national team striker Anna Anvegård left Småland for Skåne and the big club Rosengård already last season. But the changeover took place in August and before that, the future shooter winner Anvegård had scored five of his 14 total series goals for Växjö. Danish striker Signe Holt Andersen and Finnish midfielder Ria Öling also scored five Swedish goals for Växjö last year.

Comment : Växjö makes its third straight season in damallsvenskan after being superior in the elite 2017. But it was uneasy at the club during the second half of last season since former head coach Henrik Larsson resigned, financial problems were discovered and big star Anna Anvegård left.

Kif Örebro

Damall Swedish seasons : 17.

SM gold : 0.

Location 2019 : 8.

Coach : Martin Skogman and Stefan Ärnsved (since 2019).

Exclamation marks : Or perhaps the absence of exclamation marks. American striker Heather Williams scored eight Damall Swedish goals for Kif Örebro 2019 and was the team's best scorer. But during the corona spring, the 28-year-old found himself at home in the US for personal reasons, according to a TV4 Football Channel interview with Sports Manager Jonas Karlberg in May. It is unclear whether Williams will play in the damall Swan this season, or later. On Twitter, she retains Kif Örebro as a club member, even though the contract has expired.

Question mark : The premiere form. Kif Örebro has not impressed in the preparatory matches for Saturday's series premiere at home against Eskilstuna United. 1-1 at home against newcomer Uppsala was followed up with a 1-3 loss away to Linköping last week. When Örebro met premier opponent Eskilstuna in a training match at the end of March, it was a 1-4 loss.

Comment : Kif Örebro unexpectedly departed from damallsvenskan 2017 but immediately bounced back for a second place in the elite 2018. The local team stood for a stable effort in the return last year and finished eight, with a good margin to relegated Kungsbacka and Limhamn / Bunkeflo and with weathering up in the table .

Footnote : Djurgården was formerly called Djurgården / Älvsjö. Rosengård was formerly called Malmö FF and LdB Malmö. Kristianstad was formerly called Wä IF and Wä / Kristianstad.

CLIP: Rosengård back on the throne - so it went (October 13, 2019)

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Rosengård back on the throne - so it went to Photo: Photo Agency.