During the 2023 World Cup in France, South Africa will defend its title won four years earlier in Japan. - Mark Baker / AP / Sipa

  • The Rugby World Cup in France is scheduled from September 8 to October 21, 2023. 
  • The director general of the organizing committee Claude Atcher indicated this Friday that in the event of cancellation linked to an epidemic, the event was insured.
  • These measures were taken last year, before the coronavirus crisis, as part of "management of a father".

More than four million euros in economic spinoffs, 46,000 jobs created or retained ... The success of the 2019 World Cup in Japan, revealed this week by a World Rugby study, inevitably gives ideas to the promoters of the next World Cup in France, scheduled from September 8 to October 21, 2023. Starting with Claude Atcher, the director general of the organizing committee.

A great craze, a positive economic, social and sporting impact for the country ... Congratulations to the organizers of the # RWC2019 in Japan, for this Rugby World Cup with impressive repercussions 👏🇯🇵 It's

our turn to play now! 🔜🇫🇷 https://t.co/cA0zgpMCzc

- Rugby World Cup France 2023 (@ France2023) June 24, 2020

It is still necessary that the event can take place, as other Nippons could object, in charge of the 2020 Olympic Games (or 2021?) In Tokyo. "We are the only sporting event since last year to have contracted a cancellation insurance which includes the consequences linked to epidemics and pandemics", wanted to reassure Claude Atcher, this Friday during a press videoconference.

Insurance also against climate risks

According to the latter, when France 2023 launched a call for tenders with insurance companies, in April 2019, the cancellation premiums were at a low price, "because there had been no proven risks on sporting events since years ". When the contract was signed in August 2019, it did include a guarantee against climatic events, but not against possible pandemics, a threat that was still virtual at the time.

"It is the management of a father, I do not like to take too many risks on this subject", reacted Claude Atcher. "We made the choice to add this component because I experienced the SARS crisis a few years ago, as part of the VI Nations Tournament". This epidemic dates back to 2003, and however had not led to the postponement of any match of the Tournament, unlike foot-and-mouth disease in 2001 and, of course, coronavirus this year, which completely paralyzed world sport.

As for the climate, there are less risks of autumn hurricanes in France than in Japan, like the famous typhoon Hagibis which had led to the cancellation of three group matches, including France - England last year. And anyway, "the stadiums are interchangeable in France", in case of weather concerns, assured Claude Atcher.

To return to the sportsman, the draw for the pools of the next World Cup will take place on November 30th. The nine host cities will know the calendar of matches they will host on January 15.


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