A Dutch figure skater tested positive for the corona virus on Wednesday. A large part of the Dutch selection, 22 figure skaters and 6 coaches, is therefore quarantined.

The figure skater, whose identity has not been revealed, participated in a KNSB training in Belgium last weekend. Because training is not yet permitted in the Netherlands, the selection crossed the southern border since last week.

The other 28 attendees will be quarantined for two weeks according to NOC * NSF guidelines. The housemates of the athletes and coaches must also remain in isolation.

"We can't help it, health is paramount," says Remy de Wit, technical director of the KNSB. "This is extra sour, because our figure skaters have had to wait a long time before they could get back on the ice."

"We were happy that this turned out to be possible in Belgium, but that has been short-lived for most of them." Last week the figure skaters started training in an ice rink in Mechelen, during the weekend training took place in Leuven.

Other figure skaters continue to train in Belgium

The infected female rider experienced throat complaints during the weekend, after which she was tested in the Netherlands on Monday. The results turned out to be positive on Wednesday. In addition to coughing, she has not developed any further complaints.

During the training the rule was that 1.5 meters should be kept. Because the ice rink is covered, the other figure skaters have to quarantine as a precaution.

The Dutch selection of figure skating consists of about forty skaters. Athletes and trainers who do not have to be quarantined will continue to train in Belgium for the time being.

"The group will be limited, but we do not want to cancel the training. We consider this case of contamination as bad luck and we will continue to adhere to the NOC * NSF protocol," said De Wit.

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