On June 20, Dongguan, Guangdong, the first stage of the 19/20 CBA rematch, Guangdong Hongyuan Vs Shanxi Fenjiu. Image source: Visual China

  China News Client Beijing, June 24 (Wang Hao) Since the rematch on the 20th, CBA has dedicated many exciting games to fans. However, affected by the epidemic, many foreign aids cannot return to the team as scheduled, so many teams can only choose to play with the all-Chinese team. Under changing circumstances, some players seized the opportunity to shine, some teams were lost, and some teams were entangled in the defeat.

All-Chinese class or single foreign aid is still a problem

  On the 20th, when the CBA officially rematched, a total of 11 teams chose the Chinese team to play the remaining regular season of the season. Only one day later, the Liaoning team chose to use the "emergency" foreign aid Mayo they had previously signed.

  The reason is that in the "Beijing-Liaoning War", which attracted much attention on the day of the rematch, Liaoning of the All-China Class lost to Beijing Shougang 82:91. Although the final point difference is only 9 points, the gap between the two teams during the game can be more than that.

  In fact, there are two foreign aids in the Beijing Shougang team, especially because he was injured and missed the game. If Liaoning initially chose to let Mayo play, the final outcome of the Beijing-Liaoning war might be rewritten.

On June 20, Qingdao, Shandong, the first stage of the 19/20 CBA rematch, Beijing Shougang Vs Liaoning Hengye. The picture shows Beijing Shougang player Lin Shuhao (Bai) defending Liaoning Hengye player Guo Ailun (first right). Image source: Visual China

  Although in the second game after the Liaoning team rematch, they again lost 102:106 to Guangzhou, a foreign aid. But in the game, Mayo scored 28 points and 6 rebounds. Although he failed to bring a victory to the team, the firepower support he provided on the offensive end was obvious.

  According to media reports, the Xinjiang Men's Basketball Team may also sign a foreign aid called John Grove in case of unexpected needs. But whether it will eventually be put into use will undoubtedly require more careful measurement and choice. Once the "fire rescue foreign aid" cannot be integrated in time, the team that loses the "rule protection" of the all-China team will undoubtedly face a more embarrassing situation.

  For example, Jilin's foreign aid Hill, which was launched on the "pressure line" the day before the rematch, was only astonishing when he scored only 8 points in the first show. Fortunately, he scored 26 points in the second game to let the fans' hearts slightly relax.

Data map: CBA Christmas War started, Beijing team vs. Xinjiang team. In the end, the Xinjiang team beat the Beijing team 88-87 and achieved four straight victories. China News reporter Li Junshe

  Do you want to continue to use the whole Chinese class or enable single foreign aid? For many teams, especially strong teams, I am afraid to cross the river by feeling the stones and find the answer in the game.

Domestic players can also be "thighs"

  Objectively speaking, the lack of foreign aid has given many domestic players a stage to show more. Especially in the days after the rematch, many domestic players played "foreign aid data", not only leading the team to victory, but also for their future position in the team and even the league is more stable.

  Guangsha, who played in the All-China Class, won two straight games in the first two games after the rematch. Among them, the first opponent Tong Xi has double foreign aid, and the second opponent Shanghai also has single foreign aid. But in the game, the domestic players of Guangsha really provoke the beam. Insider Hu Jinqiu successively scored the gorgeous data of "26+17" and "38+11".

  The Shanxi team achieved a record of one win and one loss after the rematch. In both games, Ren Junwei performed well. The first scene scored 18 points against the defending champion Guangdong, and in comparison with his younger brother and regular Ren Renfei, the national team's regular guest, did not fall out. In the second game against Jiangsu, he scored 33 points and 7 rebounds.

June 20, Dongguan, Guangdong, the first stage of the 19/20 CBA rematch, Guangdong Hongyuan 105-82 Shanxi Fenjiu. The player salutes off the court. Image source: Visual China

  You know, he averaged only 14.7 points per game this season. The absence of foreign aid will undoubtedly give Ren Junwei more opportunities.

  Such a scene is probably something many Chinese fans are happy to see. In recent years, the Chinese national team has experienced ups and downs in the international arena, especially last year’s men’s World Cup. The group failed to qualify and missed the Tokyo Olympics at home. The competitive level and reserve power reserve of the Chinese men's basketball team has become a problem for many people to worry about.

  Due to the impact of the epidemic, the CBA has had a large-scale all-China class this season, which is indeed a very rare opportunity for some domestic players. Perhaps the domestic players who have performed well in the CBA now need to go through more competitions, but only if there are enough such players, the next talent carrying the Chinese men's basketball banner may appear soon.

On September 8, 2019, the Chinese men's basketball team lost 73-86 to Nigeria in the final match of the second stage of the World Cup group stage and lost the qualification to the Tokyo Olympics. In the game, 30-year-old veteran Yi Jianlian fought to the last moment, scoring 27 points and 6 rebounds. This is also the first time that Yi Jianlian has served as captain in his national team's career, but said goodbye to the World Cup in such a way.

After low tide, I only know who is swimming naked

  Of course, the all-Chinese team is not all outstanding. In the days after the rematch, some teams' performances disappointed the fans.

  On the first day of the rematch, the "Beijing Liaoning War" was originally the highlight of many fans' expectations. However, in the competition, Liaoning, who played in the All China class, did not perform as expected. The outside line configuration that originally envied other teams did not play its due role. There is no big foreign aid inside, and it can only be supported by Han Dejun alone.

  This season, Liaoning signed Stephenson at a high price, but his match with the team has not been smooth, and there have even been rumors that Liaoning will change foreign aid in the middle. But now it seems that the struggling performance of the Liaoning team in the first half of the season was not all caused by Stephenson's "rejection reaction".

  Contrary to Liaoning, the Shenzhen team's internal line has been quite famous in the CBA. The double tower combination of Li Muhao and Shen Zijie has caused trouble for many teams. But after the semi-finals, Shenzhen suffered a two-game losing streak, Li Muhao was also injured in the first game, leaving the twin towers with Shen Zijie alone, the outlook is even more optimistic.

On June 20, Dongguan, Guangdong, the first stage of the 19/20 CBA rematch, Jiangsu Kendia 105-98 Shenzhen leader. The picture shows Shi Hongfei attacking. Image source: Visual China

  Many of the problems Shenzhen has shown are still outside. Losing Shuang Xiaowai, "Desperately Saburo" Yu Dehao has been unable to enter the game due to injury, which makes the defender line that is not "wealthy" even worse. According to the current state of Shenzhen, even if you can enter the playoffs, it is difficult to expect to go further.

  The existence of foreign aid in the past has concealed the problems of some domestic players and the defects of the lineup. This sudden change made the problem re-exposed.

  In fact, whether it is Liaoning or Shenzhen, it must not be the worst team in the league. The opponents they met at the beginning of the rematch are also very strong. But as regulars in the playoffs, the two teams will inevitably face higher demands from fans. Now that the semi-finals have just started, the exposed problems are not all bad things. How to adjust and solve them will become the top priority for the team out of the shadows. (Finish)