NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace is pissed that his integrity is being questioned as the FBI announced on Tuesday that the alleged noose found in his garage box last weekend is based on a misunderstanding.

"I'm angry because people test me. My character and my integrity. But they don't take away my dignity. I know, I shouldn't look at those reactions on social media either. But my side of the story has to be heard ", Wallace told CNN on Wednesday .

The FBI stated that the piece of rope had been in the garage box since October, which was not then owned by Wallace. The investigation service therefore discontinued the investigation and does not discuss prosecution, something that the protagonist himself does not fully agree with.

"I never saw the noose myself, but I did see an image and it didn't seem to be a normal knot. It was just a noose. It may not be aimed at me, but someone did make a noose. That's what I say, "said Wallace.

"I want to shut everyone up"

The finding of the noose sparked a lot in the NASCAR world, as Wallace is the only dark driver in the racing class. He was showered with statements of support on Monday before the race at the Talladega Superspeedway. His car was pushed to the front of the starting field by his fellow drivers.

Wallace, who has been speaking out against racism for a long time - at his insistence, for example, the confederation flag was banned from the sport - after the news from the FBI, he received a lot of scorn from NASCAR fans on social media, who told him accused that he would put the noose there himself.

"Their responses only fuel the competitive drive I have in me. I want to shut everyone up. Whatever people shout, it won't break me. I'm proud of who I am and will always be around with a smile walk on the track, "Wallace concluded.