Although the Winter Olympics 2026 and 2030 are far away, the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOK) is investing in young athletes who can take their place in the games.

About 20 talents in skating, curling, biathlon and tobogganing will have opportunities for good training and special efforts. This is what SOK writes in a press release.

The main talent developer in the project is the legendary biathlon coach Wolfgang Pichler.

"It is important that we start in time by investing in our talents so that they learn to train well, it is necessary for them to have the chance to reach the world top," he says.

The initiative goes under the name "Olympic Offensive", a project that is intended as a preparatory effort for young promising athletes who can eventually take a place in SOK's support program "Top and Talent".

In skating, there are eight talents that are included in the venture, while in curling, teams Wranå (Isabella Wranå, Jennie Wåhlin, Almida de Val and Fanny Sjöberg) are covered. In biathlon, a group of young gentlemen of seven people takes their place and in the tobogganing, SOK looks at the possibilities for a bet on "a couple of rowers and some skeleton riders".