Even if there is no voice of "karate" in the karate, the federation is corona countermeasure guidelines June 23 13:23

The All-Japan Karatedo Federation is about to give a voice when a technique is decided by "shape" (kata) and "kumite" (kumite), etc. as part of measures to prevent infection by flying new coronavirus. , Has created guidelines to consider elimination depending on the local infection situation.

The All Japan Karatedo Federation has created guidelines for the measures against the new coronavirus, etc. in order to resume training and competitions after the emergency declaration was lifted, and notified the affiliated organizations nationwide.

As a result, at the tournament, as a measure to prevent infection, we do not do handshake, high-five, etc. In principle, referees and leaders require that masks be worn.

Furthermore, in order to prevent infection by flying, "shape" does not necessarily require the action prescribed by the rule that tells the referee the name of the shape before the performance, and "shape" and "kumite" We ask the organizers of the tournament to consider how to make a “loudness” that makes a loud voice when the decision is made, etc., depending on the infection status.

As a general rule, the tournament is supposed to be held without a spectator, so if you have a spectator, keep a space next to each other and enter the telephone number, body temperature, and whether there is a symptom of a cold. Mandatory submission of "contact form".

It means that the Federation will revise the guidelines as appropriate according to the infection status of the new coronavirus.