China News Client, June 22, in the early hours of Beijing time on the 22nd, in a game in the 30th round of La Liga, with the goal of Ramos and Benzema, Real Madrid beat the Royal Society 2:1 away, ushering in After the three-match winning streak, they shared the same score with Barcelona and returned to the top of the standings.

Ramos penalty kick

  In the 2nd minute of the game, Real Madrid played a match on the right side and then turned the triangle to sweep the ball into the penalty area. In front of the goal, Viniusius scored in place to grab the spot and the ball was slightly higher than the crossbar.

  In the 29th minute, Real Madrid's positioning ball from the left hangs into the penalty area and is destroyed by the defender's header. Cross outside the ball and volleyed the ball above the beam.

  In the 35th minute, Casemiro attempted a long shot from the outside and was easily confiscated by the goalkeeper Remilo. In the 39th minute, Ödegao made a 45-degree cross from the left and was released.

Benzema expands the score

  Easy side to fight again, in the 48th minute, Marcelo went straight from the left. Viniusius took the ball and went into the penalty area. After passing by Diego Llorente, the referee decisively awarded a penalty.

  In the 50th minute, Real Madrid broke the deadlock on the field, Ramos took a penalty and tricked Remilo to easily score the ball to the right, Real Madrid lead the Royal Society 1:0.

  In the 70th minute, Real Madrid expanded the score, Valverde passed the ball to the right, Benzema unloaded the ball in the penalty area and turned to low shot to score the ball. Although the Royal Society players complained of Benzema handball, the referee based on The VAR video assistant referee's prompt determined that the goal was valid.

  In the 83rd minute, the Royal Society passed the ball from the right and drew into the penalty area. Merino, who was unmarked on the left rib, unloaded the ball and shot successfully. In the match, Real Madrid won the Royal Society 2:1 and returned to the top with 65 points with Barcelona. (Finish)