Stina Nilsson has been one of the world's best sprinters for several years. For the next season, biathlon applies and in August she will participate in the SM on roller skis.

For this season she has been training a lot of shooting but she has not yet shown where she is in sharp position. She expects the attention to be great.

- It can be quite big, I think, she tells Norwegian NRK. But it's just cool for Swedish biathlon.

She doesn't say she's nervous.

- No not yet.

Eckhoff positive

Stina Nillsson's future competitor Tiril Eckhoff, who has won six World Cup golds and one Olympic gold, is only positive to Sweden's debut on the shooting rampage. She is used to having great expectations but thinks it is quite nice that Nilsson can steal some attention.

But she is also jealous of Nilsson who will release the biggest press in the beginning.

- The press usually comes when you do it well or badly. Now she's quite fresh so it may not matter that much, says Eckhoff.

Stina Nilsson, for her part, is calm so far.

- I live in the present and take the situations when they emerge, says Nilsson.

Eckhoff looks forward to competing against his new Swedish rival and believes that Nilsson can become a really good biathlete.

- There is a very good chance that she will be one of my most difficult competitors, says the Norwegian.

CLIP: Stina Nilsson on first time as a biathlon (15 May 2020)

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Stina Nilsson about the first time as a biathlon