Kiki Bertens hopes that the WTA and ATP will learn from the debacle surrounding the controversial Novak Djokovic tournament. Participants Grigor Dimitrov and Borna Coric were tested positive for the corona virus on Sunday and Monday.

"It is good for the WTA and ATP to look at this. Suppose that we come together again, then it must be done safely. Maybe this is also a hard lesson for them," Bertens told NOS on Monday .

"Of course it will be different at the WTA and ATP. We play, unlike in Serbia, without an audience. But you bring a lot of people together, so I am very curious what they will do."

At the Djokovic tournament, the Adria Tour, thousands of spectators were in the stands last week in Belgrade in Serbia and last weekend in Croatian Zadar, who could simply come into contact with the players.

Dimitrov and Coric both played in Zadar. After the former announced that he had been diagnosed with the coronavirus when he returned to Monaco, the final between Djokovic and Andrey Rublev was immediately canceled on Sunday.

"A bit of my own fault, of course"

In response to Dimitrov and Coric's positive tests, the ATP, the international men's tennis organization, said it had "in-depth plans" to mitigate risks to players through various precautions and protocols. "

"I think everyone has seen the images from Serbia, how it went there. So it comes as no surprise to me that several players have contracted the corona virus there. What I thought? A bit of my own fault, of course." , says Bertens.

The developments at the Djokovic tournament also flare up the discussion about the restart of tennis. The WTA and ATP plan to host official tournaments again in August, with the US Open on schedule but without an audience on August 31, while New York is hit hard by COVID-19.

"I really have no picture at all. We will know more in mid-July; whether the WTA tour will actually start, or whether the US Open will continue. It is not yet safe enough in the world to travel, so at this moment I say No. But it is still far away, who knows, maybe it will get better in the coming weeks ", says Bertens.