Joining the competition is Polish world star Piotr Lisek, World Cup silver medalist 2017 and bronze medalist last year, when Duplantis took silver.

Melker Svärd Jacobsson, the Belgian Ben Broeders and the Norwegian Pål Haugen Lillefosse are also in the gala at Ullevi.

In the women's pole competition, Swedish stars Angelica Bengtsson and Michaela Meijer and Finnish Wilma Murto, who has a junior world record of 4.71 meters, meet.

In length, Khaddia Sagnia and Tilde Johansson, among others, compete as well as Thobias Montler, who makes a seasonal debut.

The competition is conducted without an audience.

CLIP: Duplantis won the premiere (June 11, 2020)

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Armand Duplantis has started the season 2020. Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grött / Bildbyrån