[Commentary] As the first female defending champion of China's first defending Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Zhang Weili, a female general combat athlete, has attracted more and more attention in recent years. On June 15, Zhang Weili held public media training in Shanghai for the first time shortly after the completion of the quarantine, and talked about his feelings after becoming famous and his views on the outside world.

  Zhang Weili admitted that now his life is busier and his sense of mission is stronger. When I won the championship for the first time, I just felt that my dream came true. After getting it for the second time, I felt I felt more mission-conscious.

  [Same period] Women's general fighting athlete Zhang Weili

  I found that many people started to participate in this sport, when many children started training, and when they changed a lot, I felt that if I do this thing, it can inspire more people, this is a thing Very meaningful things.

  [Commentary] Since returning to China, Zhang Weili, who became famous overnight, not only made a career breakthrough, but also won the favor of many commercial brands. When talking about whether commercial endorsement will affect his training, Zhang Weili said he was not worried. All of her advertising shots were taken during break time. The most important thing is that the mentality has not changed, "I will not think about shooting advertisements while training". At the same time, the athletes' "out of the circle" will also attract more people to join the sport.

  [Same period] Women's general fighting athlete Zhang Weili

  I think sports athletes also need to get out of the circle, and then need to let more people know, and then only then will more people join. Then no matter whether it is achievements, economics, or anything, we have to do well to attract more people to invest in this sport.

  [Commentary] Zhang Weili believes that she can defend the championship, in addition to the help of the team, to a large extent also benefit from the experience of practicing Sanda since childhood. "Chinese Kung Fu" gave her a lot of help.

  [Same period] Women's general fighting athlete Zhang Weili

  (Comprehensive fighting) It is very similar to Sanda, and it is very lively and fast. Yes, it's not fighting you, it's all ingenuity. So I think Sanda laid a very solid foundation for me.

  [Commentary] After finishing the UFC Women's Strawweight Defending Battle on March 8, Zhang Weili and the team stayed in the United States for nearly two months due to the outbreak. However, with the increasing concern, the questioning of Zhang Weili also followed. In response, Zhang Weili said with a smile that he was not afraid to question.

  [Same period] Women's general fighting athlete Zhang Weili

  No matter what position you do, you will always be impossible for you to go without people questioning you, this is certain. I feel that no matter how others question me, why don't believe me, how to say, I can just do it myself. I practice myself every day. I don’t care how others look at me. I just do it myself. So I don’t think everyone should be afraid to question. Questioning is good.

  Xu Mingrui and Qiuying Shanghai report

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