Chinanews client June 14th "This is even an experience in life, no matter whether it is good or not, it will grow after the experience, because there are indeed some relatively low-level mistakes."

  After a lapse of nearly a year, Zhou Qi, who dodged in public opinion, finally responded positively to the several mistakes of the men's World Cup last year.

Zhou Qi responded to the mistakes of the men's basketball World Cup in the live broadcast.

  It was the last 32 seconds of the dreamlike magic. In the high spirit of fighting and the belief of winning, the Chinese men's basketball team with 2 points advantage launched the attack.

  Then, a turning point happened. Zhou Qi was fouled without a ball; in the last 13.8 seconds, Zhou Qi took one of two free throws; 7.2 seconds before the end, Zhou Qi's sideline pass to Zhao Rui was directly intercepted by his opponent; shortly after the start of overtime, Zhou Qi perfectly got rid of the layup and made a mistake...

  In a good situation, the Chinese men's basketball team eventually lost that game, and basically lost the chance to enter the Tokyo Olympics.

Zhou Qi error replay

  This is a familiar and painful black memory. For Zhou Qi, the Chinese men's basketball team and fans, it also seems to be a difficult hurdle.

  After the game, a voice said that Zhou Qi ruined the dreams of a group of people. At that time almost all the spearheads were directed at him at the last minute with frequent mistakes. The future star of Chinese basketball suddenly became a "public enemy."

  Turning on Zhou Qi's Weibo, the number of comments on a Weibo during the Men's Basketball World Cup has now reached 190,000. There is no suspense. After opening, all the accusations and abuses came.

Even after more than half a year has passed, Zhou Wei's comments on Weibo during the World Cup will still have continuous insults and abuses.

  Zhou Qi also apologized, but it didn't help. On the contrary, the emergence of social media has further exacerbated the verbal attacks on him by some fans. More and more "passers" who do not pay attention to basketball have also joined the scolding battle. Criticism at the athletic level has become an online violence.

  This kind of violence is still flooding Zhou Qi's life. He is not active on social media, but it can't escape people's scolding. Last year until now, there are only a few dynamics, and criticism and verbal abuse dominate the comments.

In the CBA away game, Zhou Qi missed a free throw and attracted the fans to "carnival".

  On the Internet, Zhou Qi dodges, and in real life, he does the same. Even after returning to Wukesong after 112 days, Zhou Qi remained silent. Facing the boos in the venue, Zhou Qi was expressionless.

  Even if it finally helped the Xinjiang team to win the Beijing team 88:87, 1 point, Zhou Qi did not have much joy on his face, but instead seemed very worried.

  When the press officer of the division said, "Please invite player Zhou Qi to comment on this game," she did not see that Zhou Qi, who was sitting at the far end, had already bent down and seemed to "hide" herself behind the microphone. Overhand, she kept waving to her.

  This kind of "hiding" started from the World Cup defeat. One month after the World Cup, he faced the media for the first time in the collective activities of the Xinjiang team. The CBA league opened for nearly two months before he was interviewed by the media for the first time. But in front of the camera, on the court, he gave people the feeling of trembling, like walking on thin ice.

In the CBA game against Qingdao, Zhou Qi fell heavily in defense.

  Dodge can avoid people's attention, but it seems to avoid bad luck.

  After that game, Xinjiang ushered in a game against Qingdao. Zhou Qi jumped on the defensive end to cover the opponent's players. After losing his balance, he fell heavily on the ground and fell sideways on the body, unable to get up for a long time. Fortunately, Zhou Qi's bones were fine, but his back injury recurred.

  However, this has calmed the turbulent public opinion to a certain extent. But that prejudice still exists.

Zhou Qi responds to World Cup errors in live broadcast

  The outbreak gave World Sports a pause button, and CBA stopped it for more than 4 months. Perhaps it was the precipitation of this period that allowed Zhou Qi to pass the threshold of the World Cup, or perhaps it was time to wash away some pain. Zhou Qi, who has reached the age of 24, finally stopped dodge and responded to the bitter experience of the World Cup in the live broadcast.

  Zhou Qi said: "This is an experience in life, no matter how good or bad, there will be growth after the experience, because there are indeed some relatively low-level mistakes. I can actually understand the voice of criticism, after all, this mistake is really not Yes. Solve the problem when you encounter it."

  "Although it was uncomfortable at the beginning (outside criticism), it will be very irritable for a while, but with the support of my family, I slowly don't want that much, and my life still has to look forward."

Data map: On the evening of September 8, 2019, Chinese team players Yi Jianlian (right) and Zhou Qi (left) high-five. That night, the 17-32 qualifying for the 2019 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup continued. In the Group M game held in Guangzhou, China (white) lost to Nigeria (green) 73-86. China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin

  The German philosopher Nietzsche once said: "Everything that can't kill you will make you stronger." For 24-year-old Zhou Qi, the road ahead is very long and has infinite possibilities.

  Affected by the epidemic, the Olympic men's basketball team was postponed until June 29 to July 4, 2021, although it fell into the group with the deaths of Greece, Canada, Czech Republic and Turkey. But this is not a chance for "Zhou Qis" to prove themselves. Even if you have bruises all over, you have to fight hard.

  Maybe by then, Zhou Qi will completely transform from a big boy into a man, and like Yi Jianlian, he will become a hero supporting the entire Chinese team. (Finish)