During a lone race with flashing lights in the coffin as a "hare", Johaug ran to the finish of 31.40.69, which was below last year's World Cup qualifying limit and a peak time in Europe.

Johaug has been suspended for doping with anabolic steroids (October 18, 2016-18 April 2018), which is the heaviest form of doping, after receiving it via a mouth ointment at a training camp with the Norwegian national team in Italy. The investigation found that it was a case of accidental doping, but the verdict makes Johaug controversial, especially in the fight for a pure sport without doping.

- If you have done something wrong in society at large, you can go back to work when the punishment is served. And so it has to do with seriousness and feeling. In my opinion, there is no problem with inviting Therese Johaug. I take that responsibility, said the competition manager at Bislett, Steinar Hoen, to VG.

Stockholm DL gala August 23

The Stockholm Diamond League gala, the Bahaus Gala, will be held on Sunday, August 23.

- We cannot intervene in what the Norwegians do, but we are generally against the fact that those who have been turned off for anabolic steroids belong in a competition arena. We think they make bad publicity for our sport, says Bauhausgalan's competition manager Jan Kowalski to SVT Sport.

And what do you think in the special case of Johaug?

- We cannot go in and control other organizers. We do not know the whole reason why they chose to bring her. It was more of a Norwegian jippo than a real competition, says Kowalski.

Hypothetically, could you invite Johaug to a similar race in Stockholm?

"As an organizer you can choose image"

- She is free to compete and has served her sentence. As an organizer you can choose which image you want to have at your competition.

What would that mean from the Bauhaus gal against Johaug? Would she never be able to get an invitation with this judgment?

- We never say, never but those who have been turned off for anabolic steroids, they are not prioritized to compete at our gala.

The longer races are streaked at this year's Diamond League. As of this year, the longest running branch is 3000 meters.

CLIP: Here, Johaug manages the World Cup qualifying limit at Bislett (11/6 - 2020)

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Johaug rejoices after the race. Photo: TT News Agency / Mobile SVT