Can Shougang and Beijing Enterprises become the "spoilers"   after the CBA Foreign Aid New Deal ?

  CBA has decided to reopen on the 20th. Compared with before the league suspension, the biggest change is undoubtedly the adjustment of foreign aid use policy, which is bound to have a profound impact on the league team.

  At present, there are not many teams with foreign aid reserves. Beijing Control, Shougang and Tongxi have two foreign aids, Guangdong, Guangzhou, Fujian, Shanghai and Liaoning have one foreign aid, while the other teams are all Chinese teams. One of the most talked about topics is: Will the current status of foreign aid and the adjustment of foreign aid use policy in the semi-finals change the championship competition pattern?

  According to the relevant regulations of the CBA League, the team can apply for the all-Chinese team before the rematch. When the all-Chinese team plays against a team with foreign aid, the foreign aid will be played in four quarters. When the foreign aid team is playing, the foreign aid is six in four quarters.

  Objectively speaking, the adjustment of foreign aid in the rematch will largely test the overall strength of each team's domestic players. After all, most teams are all Chinese team lineups. All Chinese teams compete with teams with foreign aid-whether it is one foreign aid or two foreign aid, the role of foreign aid will be limited to some extent. Xinjiang, Guangdong, Liaoning, which have many men's basketball national team, they will benefit to a certain extent. These teams have always been well-recognized as strong contenders for the season championship. From this perspective, this has not changed the league's championship structure.

  But at the same time, like Shougang and Beijing Control Team, to a certain extent, they will make the team narrow the strength gap with the top teams through the adjustment of foreign aid policies. Among them, the Shougang team is a typical representative. Although the overall strength of their domestic players cannot be compared with Guangdong, Xinjiang, and Liaoning, they have two very powerful foreign aids, which is undoubtedly their extra points. The combination of Jeremy Lin and Youdu, against the Guangdong team with only Wilms, the 1+1 effect may produce an effect greater than 2. And if they play against the Liaoning and Xinjiang teams of the All-China team, they can also use the four-quarter four-person rule of foreign aid to target opponents with different characteristics and make up for the gap in overall strength through the appearance of foreign aid. Therefore, the Shougang team will benefit in this regard.

  However, the Shougang team also has disadvantages. For example, their foreign coach Yanis is likely to fail to return to the team in the first stage of the rematch. The on-site command will be completed by assistant coach Xie Libin. Xie Libin has played the role of assistant in the past two seasons, and in the rematch stage, he and the team have put forward very high challenges in terms of on-site command and response. This is also a big unknown factor for the Shougang team.

  Text/Reporter Song Xiang