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NASCAR no longer wants the Confederate flag in its races and has therefore just banned it. The announcement was made on Wednesday, with immediate effect and responds to the numerous calls against this banner perceived as a symbol of racism and slavery. "The presence of the Confederate flag is prohibited for all NASCAR events," she said in a statement.

Displaying this flag "goes against our commitment to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment" to fans and competitors, added the organizing body of this very popular automobile championship in the United States.

The Confederate flag is very frequently waved around and on NASCAR circuits, particularly in the south of the United States. An image that many people no longer want to see even within this environment, in a burning context where demonstrations have been taking place for two weeks all over the country to protest against racism and police violence, following the death of George Floyd May 25 in Minneapolis.

A car in the colors of Black Lives Matter

Darrell "Bubba" Wallace, the only black driver on the circuit, asked that the Confederate flag be removed from the sites, arguing Sunday after a race that he "had no place in the sport".

“No one should feel uncomfortable when attending a NASCAR race. So it starts with the Confederate flags, you have to get them out of here, "he insisted, wearing a T-shirt with the inscription" I Can't Breathe ". Wallace is scheduled to take part in a championship race on Martinsville Speedway (Virginia) on Wednesday evening, driving a Chevrolet painted in the colors of the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

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