Grand Sumo Hakuho is enthusiastic about the place in July "I want to show good Sumo" June 7 19:41

Sumo wrestler Yokozuna Hakuho responded to the NHK interview and said, "I want to make a good body and show good sumo," toward the July location that the Japan Sumo Association is aiming to hold.

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the sumo wrestling was canceled in the summer of May, and the Japan Sumo Association changed its venue from Nagoya to the Kokugikan of Tokyo Ryogoku and held it without any spectators. It shows the policy we are aiming for.

Against this backdrop, Yokozuna Hakuho
spoke online about NHK's feelings and future.

First of all, regarding the current practice, “I have been doing basic exercises and strength training firmly, and I started to practice and make agreements about 10 days ago. Since I am over the age of 30, my muscles will fall immediately, so I'm always conscious of giving tension."

Until recently, he said, "I had never experienced this kind of experience, and I was wondering if I could collide like this," regarding the fact that I couldn't practice.

This idea is similar to the greed of Sekiwaki when he was aiming for Yokozuna and Ozeki, so Shiraho said, "At that time, I wanted to enter the venue early and beat Yokozuna and Ozeki early." I looked back.

He also said that he was close to 6 times until the 50th victory, "I can't achieve it without 50 places. I honestly want to get a sumo."

He said to the place in July, "I'm looking forward to seeing all the fans. I will do my best to make good body and show sumo wrestling."