China News Service Client Beijing, June 6th (Bian Liqun) On the road from Dalian to Ningbo, Zhang Wen has traveled many times in the past six months. There are his football dreams on this road, and there are also running around to support his family.

Zhang Wen (left) in the game. Photo courtesy of interviewees

  Zhang Wen originally wanted to stay in Dalian to play football, which is both his hometown and the place where his dream started. More importantly, there are his family members who are always concerned about it. In order to stay beside his wife and the newly born child, he refused to invite foreign teams with good salary several times.

  However, in order to live a better life and continue his football dream, Zhang Wen eventually left the country and joined the five-a-side football team Ningbo Yinbo in October last year. In the team, he is the absolute core player.

Zhang Wen is in the game. Photo courtesy of interviewees

  Affected by the epidemic, the five-man Super League entered a suspended state in January this year. Since the training ground of the Ningbo Yinbo team was in a local university and was unavailable during the epidemic, they were forced to temporarily relocate the training ground to Dalian since March. Has been in training since. In addition to training, Zhang Wen can also accompany his wife and two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, and has lived for nearly half a year. Zhang Wen feels very happy.

  With the improvement of the epidemic situation, Ningbo Yinbo ended its training in Dalian. On May 31st, the day of Dalian’s wind and beauty, Zhang Wen said goodbye to his family early. As a player, going out of the game has long been the norm in his life. In addition, he has played in the field team, which was an ordinary difference. .

  But things are impermanent, and no one expected that this distinction would become a farewell.

On the evening of June 1, Ningbo Yinbo Football Club issued an announcement confirming Zhang Wen's unfortunate death.

  In the evening of the same day, the news of the "sudden death of the top five national team" quickly spread on social media, attracting considerable attention from domestic football. A day later, the Ningbo Yinbo team issued an announcement confirming that Zhang Wen died of a sudden illness during the game and was 31 years old.

  Many people know Zhang Wen for the first time through this bad news. Although he has the status of a former international and has won the domestic league, the exposure of five-a-side football is far less than that of eleven-a-side football. He is just one of the many beings in Chinese football, for his dream and his survival.

  Turning on Zhang Wen's social media, the last update goes back to October last year, he never shared his life status above. Among the few developments, most of them are interactions with his wife. He will repost some interesting content and share it with his wife.

Zhang Wen (first from left in the front row) was a member of the futsal national team. Photo courtesy of interviewees

  "It was fine when I left in the morning, but it was gone in the afternoon."

  Zhang Wen's accident happened suddenly, and his wife has yet to accept this cruel reality. They are classmates in elementary school. They grew up together and then fell in love with each other in college, and then married. Now the children are two and a half years old...

  Qian Kefeng, general manager of the Ningbo Yinbo Club, revealed that Zhang Wen arrived in Ningbo more than 10 am that day, and the match happened at more than 4 pm.

  "He didn't have a physical confrontation before the accident, and the competition was not very intense, but in the third minute he suddenly squatted down, and then fell down, and the person suddenly disappeared. The doctor diagnosed it as sudden cardiac death, there was no sign before, and the examination was also No problem, he has been training before, and there is no problem of unscientific training."

  "Zhang Wen used to be a national football player and the backbone of the team. He didn't smoke or drink alcohol. He was very honest and introverted. He usually fell asleep at 10 o'clock and had regular work and rest schedules." For this accident, Qian Kefeng felt Too "incredible".

Ningbo team coach Geng Deyang (second from left) and Zhang Wen (first from left) are both former teammates and close friends who grew up together. Interviewee for picture.

  Ningbo coach Geng Deyang witnessed the whole process of the incident at the scene. He and Zhang Wen are colleagues and even close friends from small to large. Until now, he still couldn't believe what was happening in front of him.

  "We talked and laughed before we played football. It was very unexpected at the time because there was no physical confrontation and conflict. A few minutes after the opening, someone said he fell down. Our attention was on the ball and we didn't notice him. When he looked back, he was already lying on the ground, a little twitching."

On-site personnel carried out emergency rescue of Zhang Wen. Network video screenshot

  "At that time, there was a doctor who didn't leave after playing the last ball. After discovering this situation, he immediately ran up. Later, 120 emergency vehicles also came. When he went to the hospital, it was no longer possible."

  "I've seen other people die on the court in the news before, but I never thought that such a good brother was walking in front of my eyes. At that time, I was crying and crying, so helpless, I couldn't help him. Looked at him struggling."

  "Now there are few people training in the team. Zhang Wen's room is empty there. He bought several pairs of shoes before and prepared them for training and competition. Before that, he didn't come back because of the epidemic, so he couldn't put it on. "

Wang Hongwei (left) and Zhang Wen were teammates. Photo courtesy of interviewees

  Many of Zhang Wen’s former teammates learned of the bad news that night. They were shocked by Zhang Wen’s death and could hardly accept this brutal reality.

  Wang Hongwei was Zhang Wen's former national team and club teammate. He recalled the day when the incident happened, and he was very uncomfortable. "At that time, a member of the team sent the video to the group and said that the surname of the person was Zhang. After I saw it, I recognized Zhang Wen. At that time, I couldn't believe it, so I quickly called the Ningbo coach to verify it."

  "He is very upright, very real, and kind. He is particularly responsible for playing on the court. He really took his life. He was the best defensive player in the five-man system. He was also responsible for marking the opponents in the national team. Our relationship is particularly good. We have been neighbors for the past few years. I often stayed together during the holidays, and then I ate and chatted together. I didn’t go to bed until 3 o’clock that morning. I couldn’t accept him and left.”

Before the domestic five-a-side football league was reformed, Zhang Wen (in the middle of the back row) and Dalian Yuanchao won the domestic league championship. Photo courtesy of interviewees

  Looking back at Zhang Wen's football career, it cannot be described as smooth. In the words of his best friend Geng Deyang: "He has just seen the dawn."

  Zhang Wen debuted in Dalian Shide Youth Training in 1989. At first, he practiced 11-a-side football. When he was a child, it was the heyday of Dalian football. Like many boys there, Zhang Wen's dream is to put on the Dalian team jersey and fight for his hometown team.

  "When we first entered the team, we were about thirteen years old. At that time, Zhang Wen's hair was yellow and natural, and he was particularly conspicuous on the court. We called him'yellow hair'. At that time, he kicked the wing and the body Relatively thin, but the skills and awareness at the foot are good." Liu Yusheng, who was also in the Shide echelon at the time, recalled.

  At that time, Dalian was rich in players. There were more than 100 Shide players in the same age group in 1989 as Zhang Wen. Some of them were later transferred to the first team and served as the main force of the Shide team. Among those players, Zhao Hongluo, Yang Boyu and Lu Peng are still playing in the Super League team.

Zhang Wen (third from right) during the five-a-side national team match. Photo courtesy of interviewees

  But under fierce competition, the luck of entering the first team will not be everyone's turn. On the eve of the 2009 National Games, Zhang Wen was eliminated from the team and was sent to the lower echelon to train.

  Can not participate in the National Games, entering the first team is almost hopeless. The brutal reality shattered Zhang Wen's dream of playing for the Dalian team. Even so, Zhang Wen does not want to leave football, because football is his eternal dream, even if this dream is not as smooth and beautiful as expected in childhood.

  In 2010, under the pressure of survival, Zhang Wen finally chose the five-a-side stadium. Dalian Junyue became the first leg of his football dream. He then switched to Zhejiang Huanglong. After three seasons, the team was disbanded. He returned to Dalian and won the domestic five-a-side league championship with the team in the 2015 season, and was selected to the five-a-side national team.

  Although they have made achievements in the five-a-side system, compared with the eleven-a-side system, there is a huge gap in terms of platform and salary. The Chinese football around 2016 is in the most prosperous stage of the "Golden Yuan Era", Zhang Wen chose to return to 11-a-side football.

Zhang Wen in life. Photo courtesy of interviewees

  However, this road is still difficult to go. Zhang Wen first joined a championship team in Qinghai, and then moved to Shenzhen Pengcheng, but was "cleaned" after the team successfully rushed to the second team. In 2018, he returned to the five-man team, Dalian Puhu District. A year later, he switched to Ningbo Yinbo at the invitation of his friend Geng Deyang.

  Geng Deyang is the coach of this team. He and Zhang Wen knew each other from an early age. In their careers, except for a brief separation in 2018, they basically played on the same team.

Zhang Wen (first left) and Geng Deyang (second left). Photo courtesy of interviewees

  In the Ningbo team, Zhang Wen's monthly salary can reach 18,000 yuan. Compared to the "multi-millionaires" in the 11-a-side system, the money is only a fraction of the total, but in the domestic 5-a-side football team, this is already top-notch.

  Zhang Wen is also very satisfied with this. These can be used to repay the mortgage, and it is enough to let his wife and daughter live a good life in Dalian. At the end of his career, he can play for a team with stable guarantees, and work with his close friend Geng Deyang, which also makes him feel that he can enjoy football and his life has become smooth.

  In addition to playing football, Zhang Wen will also learn some five-person coaching courses. He wants to continue to participate in the sport as a coach after retiring and continue his football dream.

Zhang Wen's expected second half of his life failed to arrive. Photo courtesy of interviewees

  But in the second half of his life, he was interrupted by an accident, and he failed to appreciate the rare dawn in front of him.

  Zhang Wen is just a member of the Chinese football world, sticking to his dream and running for the family. Unfortunately, we knew his story in this way.

  Now, Zhang Wen's family has rushed to Ningbo to deal with the aftermath, and the club will also guarantee the lives of Zhang Wen's family by means of compensation and collection of donations. He will return to his hometown Dalian again, back to where the dream started. (Finish)