China News Service, June 6 (Xinhua) According to the official news of Guangdong Hongyuan Men's Basketball Team, Guangdong Yunfu's one-armed basketball teenager Zhang Jiacheng and his family accepted the invitation of the club today to visit the Hongyuan Basketball Training Hall and interact with the team.

One-armed basketball teenager Zhang Jiacheng accepted the invitation of the club and visited Hongyuan Basketball Training Hall. Image source: Guangdong Hongyuan Men's Basketball Club Official Weibo

  Recently, the video of Zhang Jiacheng, a boy of one-armed basketball in Yunfu, Guangdong, has been popular all over the Internet. His spirit and deeds have also moved many people. Despite his limited physical conditions, he can practice basketball so fascinatingly, and his technical actions such as crotch, change of direction, and emergency stop jumper can be used freely in actual combat.

  Zhang Jiacheng, who is 14 years old this year, is a first-year student in Gaocun Town Middle School, Yunan District, Yunfu City, Guangdong. At the age of 5, Zhang Jiacheng lost his right arm in an accident.

Zhang Jiacheng took an interactive photo with Yi Jianlian. Image source: Guangdong Weiyuan Men's Basketball Official Weibo

  In July 2018, at a local summer children's basketball training class, 12-year-old Zhang Jiacheng was first exposed to basketball. Since then, he has fallen in love with this sport, from vigorously dribbling, to dribbling around, to the back Crotch dribbling..., the place where Xiaojiacheng practiced, from the school playground to the sports ground in the village, to the living room at home.

  After the video became popular, Zhang Jiacheng was encouraged and praised by a large number of netizens. National Basketball Team Captain Yi Jianlian also reposted relevant news on personal social media and wrote: "Heart will always be the strongest part of the body."

Zhang Jiacheng took a group photo with Guangdong Hongyuan men's basketball team. Image source: Guangdong Weiyuan Men's Basketball Official Weibo

  This morning, Zhang Jiacheng and his family accepted the invitation of Hongyuan Basketball Club and visited Hongyuan Basketball Training Hall. Du Feng, Zhu Fangyu, Yi Jianlian and others encouraged Zhang Jiacheng to continue their efforts and continue to advance on the path of basketball chasing dreams.

  "It can be seen that Zhang Jiacheng's basic skills are very solid and his physical coordination is very good." Du Feng affirmed Zhang Jiacheng's performance. "This age group has such a performance. His efforts are obvious. I sincerely hope that he can persevere and enjoy the basketball. Happiness."

  Zhang Jiacheng's father thanked Hongyuan Club for its invitation and media attention. He also expressed through the club that his family hopes that everyone will silently follow and support Zhang Jiacheng, and hope that his life will not be disrupted by excessive attention. (Finish)