Declaration in favor of NFL athletes' racial protests 0:33 June 7

NFL, the American professional football league's Roger Goodell Commissioner, said, “In the voice of the players, as a protest against racism arose in the United States, when a black man was suppressed and killed by a white police officer. I admit that it was my mistake not to listen," he said in the future, supporting his protest actions.

At NFL in 2016, Colin Capanic, a then-star player of the Fourteeners, was attacked by a police officer against a black man. Showed a protest.

This protest has spread to other players, but NFL has since sought to stand up during the national anthem of the game.

NFL's Roger Guddell Commissioner responded to a number of NFL athletes protesting about the death of a black man who was killed by a white police officer on the 25th of last month in the United States. Posted a video on Twitter on the 5th.

“We NFL condemn racism and repression of blacks, admitting that it was a mistake not to listen to the voices of the players,” said Goodell Commissioner. I support the protests peacefully." He expressed his intention to support the protests by athletes in the future.