Three deletions and the 16th yellow card of Gyasula

In the central match of the 30th round of the Bundesliga, the Bayer fighting for the medals took the leading Bavaria. The hosts opened an account in the ninth minute. Lucas Alario fled to the gates of others and just shot into the near corner. After watching the replay, the judge counted the goal.

However, Bayern played in the middle of the first half. The guests took advantage of the opponent’s mistake and organized a quick counterattack, which Kingsley Coman completed with an exact blow. And shortly before the break, the wards of Hans-Dieter Flick distinguished themselves twice more. Goals were marked by Leon Goretzka and Serge Gnabry.

It would be unfair if in such an effective game Robert Lewandowski left the field without a goal. Bayern's top scorer hit the other side in the second half. After filing from the right flank, the Pole head sent a shell into the net. This goal was 44th for the striker this season, and he set a personal performance record. The striker also scored 30 goals in the Bundesliga for the third time in his career this season.

After this, the outcome of the confrontation was a foregone conclusion, but in the end there was another important event. In the last minutes, Bayer managed to escape from a major defeat thanks to young Florian Wierz. The midfielder from the penalty area beautifully turned the ball into the far nine on an unattainable trajectory for Manuel Neuer.

Along the way, Wierz became the youngest goal scorer in history in the Bundesliga. On the day of the match with Bayern, he was only 17 years old and 34 days old.

The Munich team won the ninth consecutive victory in the Bundesliga. Moreover, the leader set a kind of record. For the first time in the history of the tournament, one of the teams following the results of 30 rounds managed to score 90 times (on average, three goals per game). It is also worth noting Thomas Muller, who performed the 20th assists in the current season of the German championship and repeated the tournament record set in 2015 by Kevin De Bruyne.

The most important victory on Saturday was won by the main pursuer of Bavaria Dortmund Borussia. The team of Lucien Favre held an extremely difficult meeting with the unyielding “Hertha”, which literally gained a second wind after coming to the coaching bridge of Bruno Labbadia.

However, Berliners could not score points in Dortmund. The next three points to the hosts brought an exact blow to Emre Can from the penalty line at the end of the game. Having opened an account, the black and yellow ones relatively calmly brought the matter to victory, which became their 11th in the last 13 rounds of the Bundesliga.

But the Dortmund rivals in the fight for medals in the 30th round made a misfire. On Friday, the Mönchengladbach Borussia unexpectedly lost to Freiburg on the road - 0: 1. The guests owned the ball 60% of the playing time, delivered 14 shots on goal of the opponent, but could not score.

Freiburg took advantage of a rare moment in filing a standard position. In addition, the replacement from the head coach of the team Christian Streich completely worked. Niels Petersen appeared on the field after an hour of play and the first touch sent the ball into someone else's goal.

And “Borussia” after a few minutes completely remained in the minority. Forward Alassan Plea received a second yellow card for a foul on someone else's half of the field. Following him, Max Eberl, the sports director of the Mönchengladbach team, was removed from the coaching bench, dissatisfied with the referee's decision.

Meanwhile, Leipzig managed to lose points in a match with Paderborn closing the standings. In the reporting match, there was also a deletion: the defender of the favorite Deotschankul Yupamekano received two yellow cards in the 43rd minute.

At that time, “Leipzig” was in the lead thanks to the exact blow of Patrick Schick. Cech scored the tenth goal in the current German Championship draw with a transfer from Timo Werner. In turn, the German scored 33rd point for performance (25 + 8) in the Bundesliga. Together with Werner, Lewandowski (30 + 3) and Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund (17 + 16) share first place in the number of points for performance.

But Timo failed to score. In the second half, he had a couple of absolute moments, but failed to realize them. As a result, in the time added by the arbitrator, Paderborn lost the game. After filing a corner Christian Strodek at close range sent the ball to the target.

Also, Klaus Gyasula should be noted as an outsider. The defender in the match with Leipzig received the 16th yellow card this season and repeated the Bundesliga record set by former Schalke defender Tomasz Gaito in the 1998/99 season. It is surprising that with so many “mustard plasters” the footballer has never been removed from the field.   

The third match of the tour, in which the judge showed a red card - the confrontation between Fortune and Hoffenheim. The guests already in the fifth minute allowed Rowen Hennings to excel, and in the ninth they remained in the minority. Defender Benjamin Hübner was removed from the field.

However, Hoffenheim, even in the minority, turned the course of the meeting upside down. First, Munas Dabbur scored a debut goal for the team, and then ex-CSKA midfielder Stephen Zuber put the guests ahead.

The outsider was saved from defeat by the very same Hennings. 14 minutes before the final whistle, he scored a penalty and scored a double. Now the asset of the 32-year-old striker, conducting only the third season in the Bundesliga, has 14 goals in the national championship. In the tournament scorers of the tournament, Rowen is second only to Lewandowski, Werner and Sancho.

Finally, another Mainz team fighting for survival managed to take advantage of a competitor's misfire. Akhim Bayerlotser’s wards beat Eintracht 2-0 away and won their first victory in the national championship on February 29.

The third victory of Zandhausen in a row and the 30th match of Zhirov 

Also on Friday started the 30th round of the second Bundesliga. Zandhausen, which includes Russian defender Alexander Zhirov, managed to achieve a third victory in a row. The team of Uwe Koshinata away turned out to be stronger than the middle peasant Greuther Fürth - 2: 1.

This allowed Zandhausen to rise to eighth place. However, it will not be easy for the team to compete for a promotion in the class, since ten points separate it from the third place, which gives the right to play in butt games with a representative of the first Bundesliga. At the same time, eight rounds are left to finish the season.

As for Zhirov, he again played all 90 minutes. In the current season, Alexander has completely spent all 30 matches of the tournament.

An insulting outcome for Mlada Boleslav and the ball missed by Bohemians in the end 

But for the Russian legionnaires playing in the Czech Republic, the weekend was less successful. “Mlada Boleslav” with Alexei Tataev in the composition again remained without victory.

However, the former team of Nikolay Komlichenko may well bring himself into an asset on Saturday's draw with Slovan taking third place. Guests, even remaining in the minority after the removal of Yakub Klima in the middle of the first half, were in the lead until the very last moment. Moreover, 15 minutes before the final whistle, the lineups of the opponents equalized after the red card was received by the Ukrainian defender of Slovan Taras Kacharaba.

However, in the time added by the referee, the hosts nevertheless escaped defeat, and Tataev helped them in this. The Russian unsuccessfully adjusted to the opponent’s blow - from his head the ball flew into the net - 2: 2. Alexey scored an own goal in the second round in a row.

Bohemians 1905 with Vladislav Levin on Saturday hosted another local grandeur, Sparta. And in this case, the denouement also turned out to be extremely disappointing for the Russian team. At the 84th minute, the guests pulled out a victory with a minimum score thanks to the exact blow of Benjamin Tette. But Levin in the second round in a row spent all 90 minutes on the field.

Six goals scored and two penalties 

And in the Polish Championship on Saturday, a “Russian” confrontation took place. "Zaglembe" Evgeny Bashkirov took "Lech" Timur Zhamaletdinov. However, if the first entered the field in the starting lineup, the second remained on the bench.

Opponents quickly exchanged goals scored, but at the end of the inning the hosts scored twice and secured a comfortable handicap.

It seemed that the Lech fighting for the medals would be defeated, but the team from Poznan managed to escape closer to the final whistle. It is gratifying that the guests twice struck someone else's gate immediately after entering the field of Zhamaletdinov in the 73rd minute. I leveled the Lech score with the penalty awarded in the very end after watching the replay - 3: 3.