China News Service, June 6 (Xinhua) According to the World IAAF News, the Ultimate Garden Championship Series will continue on June 7. The top ten decathlon athletes in the world will compete in a unique virtual triathlon.

  It is reported that the athletes participating in the competition are still the top players in the game. They are: Kevin Mayer, the decathlon world record holder, defending world champion Nicolas Cauer, and 2019 World Championship silver medalist Messer · Igbo.

  The pole vault athletes participated in the two ultimate track and field competitions held last month. In the first game, Duplantis and Lavigne tied for the championship. In the second game, Catalina Stephendi won.

  This triathlon will start from pole vault, the athlete will try to jump as much as 4.00 meters in 10 minutes; then enter the shot put, throw as much as 7.26 kilograms of shot into the 12 meter line in 10 minutes The last item is a round-trip race. The two cones are 20 meters apart. Athletes get round and round within 5 minutes to get points. The accumulated points of each item will eventually get the championship.

  IAAF President Sebastian Coe said he was pleased with the public's response to the previous two Ultimate Athletics Championships and was eagerly looking forward to this weekend's game. "I am excited to see what our best decathlon athletes can bring, because the pole vault athletes really did a great performance. I love the creativity of our athletes, they came up with With the new way of playing, we can safely play the game and broadcast it to our fans while complying with public health restrictions around the world."

  "We are beginning to see that some countries have taken cautious measures to re-engage in the competition in compliance with local prevention and control measures, which makes us hope that we can return to a more normal meeting in August. But we also noticed that different countries At different stages of the epidemic, athletes from some countries are still unable to compete for a period of time. Events such as the Ultimate Athletics Championship show us what we can do with a small budget and some originality. I want to thank the athletes and our The staff's efforts to achieve this goal." He said. (Finish)