One-armed basketball teenagers became popular in the video network.

  China News Network June 5th, a few days ago, a video of a one-armed boy playing basketball quickly became popular online. The video about him quickly attracted the attention of the Warriors star Stephen Curry. He posted on Weibo to ask netizens for help, hoping to contact the one-armed boy. Then, the basketball superstar successfully established contact with the Chinese basketball teenager and interacted on the social platform.

  In the previous popular video, a one-armed boy dribble like the wind, crotch, change direction, emergency stop jumper and other technical actions are used in actual combat.

  It is understood that the young boy's name is Zhangjiacheng and he is 14 years old. He is a first grade student in Gaocun Town Middle School, Yun'an District, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province. At the age of 5, Zhang Jiacheng lost his right arm in an accident.

Zhangjiacheng is in training.

  In July 2018, at a local summer children's basketball training class, 12-year-old Zhang Jiacheng was first exposed to basketball. Since then, he has fallen in love with this sport, from vigorously dribbling, to dribbling around, to the back Crotch dribbling..., the place where Xiaojiacheng practiced, from the school playground to the sports ground in the village, to the living room at home.

  After the video became popular, Zhang Jiacheng was encouraged and praised by a large number of netizens. National Basketball Team Captain Yi Jianlian also reposted relevant news on personal social media and wrote: "Heart will always be the strongest part of the body."

Yi Jianlian forwarded relevant news on personal social media, and issued a document to encourage Zhangjiacheng.

  Later, basketball superstar Stephen Curry also paid attention to the video of Zhangjiacheng and reposted it on the Weibo platform, saying that he wanted to find this teenager. "Who is this child! Please help me find him! Keep working hard! Don't let anyone say no to you!" Curry wrote.

American basketball superstar Curry hunts people online.

  A reporter from contacted Zhangjiacheng. "I will work harder." Zhang Jiacheng said that he was very happy, because the basketball player he initially liked was Curry, and he usually watched him play. Unexpectedly, one day Curry would pay attention to himself.

  After Curry's Weibo was posted, some netizens told Zhangjiacheng that Zhangjiacheng also responded to Weibo's comment area in the first time on Weibo. Zhang Jiacheng told reporters that he will continue to practice hard, hoping to develop the ability to accurately shoot three-pointers like Curry.

After learning that Curry was looking for him, Zhang Jiacheng recorded a video saying: I will work hard.

  On the 5th, Curry, who received a reply, specially recorded a video of blessings to express his encouragement and support for Zhangjiacheng: "Hello Zhangjiacheng, I am Stephen Curry. I want to tell you that you are an inspirational Power, you don’t accept'no' as the answer, you found a way to overcome the difficulties, stand on the basketball court, and show everyone what basketball means to you, which looks great! Continue to distribute your positive energy. Continue to Those who say you can’t, prove that you can, and you can do well. I wish you and your family all the best, and I’ll cheer for you! Let’s talk next time!”

Curry recorded a video and blessed Zhang Jiacheng, a one-armed basketball boy.

  In the face of the sudden popularity on the Internet, Zhang Jiacheng and his family acted extremely calm. Zhang Jiacheng's father said: "The net red will not be red for a long time. I hope he takes a formal path. He likes to play basketball. We all support it. For example, what equipment or equipment is needed for playing. We all support it. He loves playing. Go down this road."

  Zhang Jiacheng himself also seemed very low-key: "When I see them commenting on me like this, I think I should work harder. In the future, I want to be a basketball player, play more games, and let more people see me." Said. (Finish)