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That they won't do anything. That is what they are telling us ». The lament is heard in the mouth of Spanish football intermediaries. From the heights of Real Madrid they have been repeating the same to those who call with a player on offer for weeks. "We are not going to make signings," they say over and over before the agent's throat clearing, worried about the slowdown in the business that would be a silent summer of white purchases. This newspaper receives the same information when it asks about future plans, a matter that is still a long way off despite being already circulating in June. There are 11 League days and a Champions League to be played, too much to put the final note to the 2019/20 course, completely distorted by the shaking of the coronavirus.

The pandemic is precisely what would separate Madrid from the market, something unusual in recent history. “We have a very deep squad and many on loan. They do not touch high operations, it is inconceivable », they reason from the Bernabéu, with the accounts in hand. The financial muscle of the entity has allowed it to face this crisis with a better tone than some of its direct rivals, but neither the coffers in good condition nor the downward prices of the possible reinforcements would invite Madrid to change its strategy. Neither ethically nor economically it will be a time of millionaire acquisitions, they insist from the club's management team, where they have clear objective number one: to lighten the locker room.

The management of excess personnel and the players on loan will already entail a lot of work for Florentino Pérez and José Ángel Sánchez , the top managers of the sports area. All without forgetting the bite to the income that the virus has been causing since last March.

"Economic loss", acknowledges the white president himself in a letter recently sent to his partners. Lost ticket offices, museum closed, refund of part of the subscriptions, percentage of television contracts still in doubt, summer tour of North America canceled, events lost in the Bernabéu ... That the League will be able to be concluded, even if it is without an audience, It is a relief, just as if it is possible to finally celebrate the rest of the European Cup (a game, at least, in the case of Madrid, the return of the eighth). But these summer concentrated championships will continue - barring government surprise - being behind closed doors, a real task for the big clubs.

Museum and closed ticket offices

In the small coats of arms -type Getafe-, television revenues reach almost 90% of their annual budget, so this express League that appears with empty stands and open cameras would be their salvation. However, at Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​income is much more diversified. Thanks to the enormous potential of its stadiums and marketing contracts, the broadcasting rights only represent 25%, with another 25% coming from the capacity, which translated into money would be, according to the balance of the previous campaign: 175,049 euros collected between partners and stadium and 172,991 of the televisions. Having the trophy room without visitors is another trip for Madrid. The famous tour of Chamartín - the third most visited by tourists in the capital - leaves nearly 30 million a year.

Until the season is over we will not decide.

Added to the losses of the current season is the uncertainty of the following, where it is still unknown when fans can return to the fields. It is true that the acceleration of de-escalation is increasing optimism in football, which has gone from fearing a 2020/21 without an audience to dreaming of seeing people in the stands already in the fall, even if it is at 30% of its capacity.

A real mess -this of limiting the entry- that already has those in charge of gauging turning to possible solutions for their subscribers. For example, a draw for tickets for each match, as in the Champions League finals. All this accumulates a handicap that will force the containment of the white team in that cloudy period of transfers that no one else manages to fit on the calendar. FIFA will open it on July 1, as usual, but by then all the major leagues - except the German one - will continue to compete and also the Champions League, with a date to be concluded throughout the month of August.


The final results obtained by the Zinedine Zidane painting will strengthen or question this approach to the economy of war. With Kylian Mbappé as a dream signing in the medium term (2021 or 2022), the rest of the operations are on hold. Not even those of young footballers marked closely for months, such as scorer Haaland or midfielder Camavinga. Even the arrival of the Dutch Van de Beek, launched last summer, is now up in the air.

Madrid intends to focus on releasing players who already grazed the door a year ago, such as James Rodríguez or Gareth Bal e. The difficulty in both cases will remain the same: their high salary. The crown that comes is not the best scenario to place stars down and with salaries still on the rise. Even so, efforts will be made to facilitate their sale, once both Zidane's lack of interest in them and their almost chronic irregularity have been confirmed. In a higher stratum is Luka Modric , pillar of the best Madrid in recent years but on his way to turning 35. If he showed interest in reactivating his move to Italy (to Inter), there would be no obstacles. Always by mutual agreement, because the Croatian continues to have the confidence of the coach.

Bale, in Madrid's last game at Mestalla.REUTERS

Another subject to study in depth will be the young people on the staff, both those present and those on loan. "Until the season ends, we will not decide," they say at Madrid, happy with the value of Achraf Hakimi , at Dortmund, or Martin Odegaard , at Real Sociedad. Japanese Take Kubo has also shone in Mallorca. In fact, it already handles offers from Champions clubs to go on loan for another year.

Álvaro Odriozola , at Bayern, or Dani Ceballos , at Arsenal, are having a more difficult time claiming a place on the Madrid squad. Sergio Reguilón has done well at Sevilla, but with Zidane his options are not many, provided that Marcelo continues. Even the coach himself must still guarantee his position.

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