Board member of Al-Wasl Investment Company, Mohamed Amiri, said that he believes that the benefits of canceling the Arab Gulf League competition for the current season are greater than the cancellation losses, and that this is "better than sacrificing the future of the players."

He explained: «The current pausing period has not occurred before in the history of the game, because if the competition starts in August, the pause period will reach five or six months, which makes the players not ready at all to play the matches, while playing will continue with the establishment of the new season directly After finishing the matches this season.

He added: "The players will face difficulties that may affect their future in terms of injuries that may keep them away for long periods of play, so I see that the decision to cancel the competition saves the players who are the most important and important element in the competition, and they should not be sacrificed."

Amiri pointed out that canceling the competition will contribute to the better appearance of clubs in the next season. He said: “The clubs got a very good rest period, and the start of the next season naturally on time, without pressure to hold matches this season in August, will positively affect Clubs and the national team that are playing important matches in the double qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and 2023 AFC Asian Cup.

He stressed that it is not logical in the event that the league announces the identity of the champion, and the identification of the two descending teams, especially that there are seven rounds remaining. He said: “The features of the competition for the title are clear, and the same is true in the struggle to escape from the landing, but with the decision to cancel I think that the clubs should You receive the material prizes according to the league’s ranking in the current time, in compensation for losing the moral side by granting the title to the leader ».

"Players will face difficulties that may affect their future in terms of exposure to injuries that may keep them away for long periods of time."

Al Shamsi: Club losses will increase materially and technically

The players ’agent, Walid Al-Shamsi, considered that the losses behind not completing the league are divided into two parts, one of which is physical and the other technical. He said, "Physically, the clubs will be deprived of the financial returns that they would have obtained as a result of the completion of the season, from the League, television and sponsorship rights, in addition to the proceeds from the sale of match tickets."

He added, "This will double its losses, as it is committed to paying the players, technical, administrative and medical staff."

He continued: «Technically, the players’ departure from training and not going to matches for a period ranging between six and seven months since the league stopped will have significant technical damage to the future of the competition and the teams in the next season, so the return of activity according to the association will be in August, so the next season will not start before October, "It will seriously harm all the elements of the competition, because the players will need at least three months to prepare in order to regain their technical and physical readiness." Al Shamsi pointed out: “By virtue of my work as an agent for the players, I see that there are players whose contracts will expire a lot because of not completing the league, as these always find in the last rounds an opportunity to promote themselves.” He concluded, "I expect that third-level players will not find an opportunity to play next season, if the competition is not completed, which could increase the number of unemployed players."

The most important recommendations

1- Rationalizing spending and making better use of the financial returns that you will get as a result of completing the season, despite its shrinking, whether with the association or television and sponsorship rights.

2 - Taking into account the players ’disengagement from training and not going to matches for a long time, and the necessity of devising a suitable preparation plan for such a situation.

3- Take advantage of the introduction of technology to reduce the temperatures in the stadiums, which helps to establish matches in the height of summer.

4- Using the European experience that decided to resume its local competitions, taking into consideration the precautionary measures to prevent corona virus.

5- Commitment to the plans of the sports councils and the competent bodies regarding the measures to be taken in the case of the resumption of sports activity.

6- Taking the opinion of the General Assembly of the Professional Association to decide whether or not the Al-Ahly youth will be awarded the League title, in case the season is canceled.

7- The need to reformulate the regulations again and approve the regulations approved by the general assembly regarding determining the future of the competition in relation to champion coronation, and determining the mechanism of landing and ascending, in the event of cancellation in order to prevent any future controversy.

8- Clubs established investment plans to support their resources in the future, in anticipation of any emergency crises.

- "In the event of cancellation, the clubs must obtain the material prizes according to the current league arrangement."

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