Karate girls “Shape” Shimizu “Precious time that can be devoted to practicing now” June 5, 15:06

Kiyo Shimizu, who is expected to win a gold medal in the karate women's "shape" at the new Olympic Games in Tokyo Olympics, responded to the NHK interview and based on the current situation that the new coronavirus will not hold the tournament. It's a precious time to devote, so I want to grow," he said.

Shimizu is a Japanese women's ace who has won the world championship for the second time in a row with a "shaped" girl who competes for speed and precision, and has won the all-Japan championship for seven consecutive years. It has been.

Shimizu responded to an interview with NHK online and based on the current situation that the tournament will not be held due to the influence of the new coronavirus, "I have been practicing only until now, but I can only focus on practicing like now. It may be the first time in competitive life. I want to grow because it is a precious time,” he said.

He practiced at home for about 8 hours a day and received coach instruction online, saying, "I don't practice much in practice. I'm repeating it," he said.

For the next year's Olympics, "I think the international competition will be canceled one after another, and the Olympics may hit each other, but I think positively that the preparation time has increased by one year. I hit myself unprecedented at the Olympics , I want to do my best to win a gold medal."