Athletes confirmed that the Corona virus pandemic, and the resulting precautionary measures and long stopping of sporting activity, headed by the Arab Gulf League, have caused many damage to the clubs that will be present, whether in the event of canceling the competition, or resuming it, but they stressed that in the event of a decision to cancel , Damages will continue in the next season, and will be material and moral for all clubs.

They said to «Emirates Today», that the clubs ’affliction with this virus is natural, as it is a global crisis, and its effects have affected all sectors and various fields, and not only sport. But they stressed that the cancellation decision will open the door to many problems, most notably in the event that the identity of the champ and the two teams who descended to the first division are not identified, noting that such a decision will be unfair to the leader team, and the two teams who compete to climb from amateurs to professionals, while at the time The same cancellation of the competition, with the identification of the champion and the two descending teams, is unfair on the other hand for clubs that have seven rounds that, if held, can change the form of the league ranking list.

The competition incurred great losses

The former head of the investment company at Al-Nasr Club, Adel Al-Ghaith, stressed that the Football Association is in a difficult position, due to the current situation of the Arab Gulf League competition, and the difficulty of completing the remaining seven rounds, pointing out that in practice the competition incurred great losses, which is the same thing that will happen if the cancellation The current season.

Al-Ghaith said: "Clubs have spent a lot of money since the start of the season, but the current stoppage due to the virus has incurred heavy losses on several levels, which will negatively affect important aspects, such as: sponsorship and player contracts, and contracts in general in the coming period."

He added: «Everyone knows that the whole world is living in an exceptional circumstance, as losses are not only in football and sports in particular, but in all areas, and the initial decision to complete the league in August will reduce the damage and losses suffered by the competition, despite the difficulties and problems that will result from this "The decision, especially with the great pressure in the matches that the players will be exposed to, will affect negatively in the next season, in addition to the difficulty of playing in the high temperatures." The Senior Vice President of Emirates Airlines for commercial operations in the Gulf region, the Middle East and Central Asia, pointed out that the biggest challenge that clubs will face in the coming period is to deal with the changes that will occur due to the Corona virus crisis. He said: “The clubs should think about the future, and how Facing the decline in its own sources of income, with expectations of reducing club budgets by 20%, in addition to the fact that the investment resources of each club will face difficulties, and there is no doubt that the income you generate will be negatively affected.

And Adel Al-Ghaith concluded his statements, saying: Some clubs have started to reduce the expenses of other games, in order to keep the volume of football spending, which is not a correct decision, as the clubs must reschedule their budgets while reducing government support, and the need to depend on them.

Khaled Ismail: It is unfair not to complete the season as long as there is no health hindrance

The former Al-Nasr player, international Khaled Ismail, said that it is unfair not to complete the current season, because of the injustice shown to the clubs that prepared since last July and spent millions of dirhams, as long as there is no health obstacle.

He added: “I know that there are clubs that do not want to complete the season, and this is a big mistake, and it does not benefit in the interest of Emirati football. There are European clubs that live in the same difficult situations that our clubs are suffering from, and despite that they were at the forefront of those demanding the return of activity, and we have not heard of a European club that objected To complete the competition for any reason, and this is a culture we must learn from. ”

He added: “I do not see any problem in the continuation of the 2019/2020 season, with the 2020/2021 season. The remainder of the current season is only seven rounds that can take place in one month or within five weeks at the latest, and then the clubs get Rest for two weeks and we start the new season. In the 1985/1986 season, we have a realistic example when two copies of the President’s Cup were held in this season, after the Football Association refused to cancel the competition, and they were held together in one season, and victory was crowned with two titles ».

He pointed out: "By canceling the season, we waste the rights of clubs that worked hard and worked to have a presence in the competition, and we reward clubs that did not provide their preemption in staying with the professionals, and it is fair and just that we complete the season so that everyone with the right gets his right."

Khaled Ismail stressed that «not with Al-Ahly youth crowning the title or approval of the landing, if the competition is canceled, because there are seven rounds still remaining, and Al-Ahly youth is ahead by a difference of six points, and it can be mathematically compensated, and the same applies to the conflict zone to stay, so I call for completion Season, so as not to oppress one party or compliment one party at the expense of another ».

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