• Coco Gauff. "I am not old enough to vote, but if you choose silence, you choose the side of the oppressor"

Quarterback Drew Brees apologized Thursday for comments he made about protests in the United States following the death of George Floyd due to police brutality.

"I will never agree with anyone who does not respect the flag of the United States of America or our country," Brees said, sparking a wave of criticism, including that of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James .

"You literally don't understand why 'Kap' (Colin Kaepernick) got down on his knees? It has nothing to do with disrespecting the United States and our soldiers (men and women)," the forward replied, while many NFL teammates They were also very critical of the 'quarterback' words.

However, a day later, through 'Instagram', the New Orleans Saints quarterback asked for forgiveness. "I'd like to apologize to my friends, teammates, the city of New Orleans, the black community, the NFL community, and anyone I hurt with my comments yesterday. After speaking to some of you, it breaks my heart. heart to know the pain I've caused, "he confessed.

"Support for the black community"

Brees said that "in an attempt to speak about respect, unity and solidarity centered on the American flag and the national anthem," he made "insensitive comments that lacked conscience and any kind of compassion or empathy" and that they have been become "divisive and hurtful".

"They have deceived people into believing that I am somehow an enemy . This could not be further from the truth, and it is not an exact reflection of my heart or my character," he said. "I support the black community in the fight against systemic racial injustice and police brutality and I support the creation of real policy change that makes a difference. I condemn the years of oppression that have taken place in all of our black communities and that are still they exist today, "he added.

The 'quarterback' acknowledged that neither he nor his compatriots have done "enough to fight for that equality or to really understand the struggles and the plight of the black community." "I recognize that I am part of the solution and that I can be a leader for the black community in this movement," he admitted.

"I will never know what it is to be a black man or raise black children in the United States, but I will work every day to put myself in those shoes and fight for what is right. I have ALWAYS been an ally , never an enemy. How my comments were perceived yesterday, but I bear all the responsibility and the consequences. I recognize that I should speak less and listen more ... and when the black community talks about their pain, we all need to listen. So I am very sorry and I ask your forgiveness, "he sentenced.

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