Nine-year-old Propulsion came to Sweden in 2015 after Stall Zet and Daniel Redén bought the horse at auction in the USA.

Since then, "Proppen" has collected over SEK 34 million. Last Sunday he crowned his career with winning the Elite race for the first time.

But the victory has got a sour aftertaste. On Tuesday, the Norwegian site Trav og Galopp-Nytt came up with information that Propulsion must have been nerve-cut, which means cutting the nerves so that the horse should have no feeling and therefore can not feel pain.

The Canadian and American Trotting Association states that the procedure must have been performed before the horse was sold to Sweden. In the United States, nerve cutting is permitted.

Starts investigation

The tasks have led Swedish trotting sports to act. After Tuesday's CEO Maria Croon called several representatives to a telephone meeting, the organization has now come to investigate whether cheating has occurred around Propulsion.

- We have started an investigation, I can confirm that. It is about collecting facts and evidence on this issue and whether there is anything in it. Then we will discuss consequences. Now it is about understanding and deepening the knowledge of what has happened, says Croon.

How long will the investigation take?

- It is hard to say. There are a couple of parties we need to get hold of. But we prioritize this now.

Do not want to speculate

Shouldn't you have been able to discover this sooner?

- There are different answers in that. It may not be discovered if it is now true that it exists. If it is and what it is that has not been discovered in that case ... there are many questions we will need to answer before we can say more.

If the information is correct, what can the consequences be for Propulsion?

- I do not speculate on the consequences, but it is not allowed to compete in Sweden with the possible measures. But what the consequences will be, I do not want to speculate.

SVT Sport has sought out coach Daniel Redén and he writes in a text message:
“I have zero energy, but I suffer most with my horse and his attendant right now. I don't want to comment anymore before the investigation is complete ”.

Clip: Propulsion water Elite race

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Trainer Daniel Redén and the horse Propulsion after the win in the Elite race 2020. Photo: BILDBYRÅN