On the first day of the Women's Golf Lotte Cantata opening, Han Jin-seon took the lead with a thrilling hole-in-one and took the lead.

This is the scene.

Par 3, 8, a tee shot from 143 meters away, fell to the green, rolled several times, and quickly sucked into the hole.

It was a little unfortunate that it wasn't the hall where the passenger car was injured, but Han Jin-sun, who drove 9 under par on the first day, started with Ji Eun-hee as the second lead in the second car.

Even Ji Eun-hee of the 5th career LPGA Tour caught 9 Buddys without a look, and this'Chip in Buddy' scene was a highlight.

Jin-eun Ko, the world's No. 1 player in the world's first official tournament this year, finished the first day with 4 under-pars, with 2 under-pars and stunning shots that almost became'shot eagles'.