Giant Sakamoto and Oshiro PCR test negative New coronavirus June 4 12:52

A new PCR test was conducted by Hayato Sakamoto and Takuzo Oshiro who were confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus in professional baseball giants on the 3rd, and the result was negative.

The two teams performed an antibody test at the end of last month to find out if they had been infected with the new coronavirus, and antibodies that were formed a while after the infection were confirmed. .

Although the two have no physical condition, they were negative after a new PCR test on the 3rd at a hospital in Tokyo.

According to the team, if negative judgment continues, we will join the team as soon as possible.

In addition to the 26 people who had a conversation or contact with the two for a certain amount of time, all other players from the 1st army, the leaders, etc. also underwent PCR testing by the morning of the 4th.

According to the team, if we can confirm that no one is infected, we will hold the training games as scheduled.